Free Pretty Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers

Hands up who else is a sucker for a pretty desktop wallpaper? *Raises hand* Back in the day, I would create my own desktop wallpaper on Paint, cause I was you know so artsy and original. Usually these wallpapers would include cut out shapes filled with colour, scribbles using the pencil tool and a text box with the word Hey! Then I moved onto clip art, and some sun with sunglasses always got my pick. But these days, I want something a bit more than Paint cause you know it’s 12 years later.

Recently I came across some really pretty downloadable wallpapers which are free, and thought I would share them with you. I always find it hard finding pretty wallpapers so I hope you like these and hope they brighten up your computer! 🙂 Don’t forget to click through the links so you can download them from the proper source as obviously these aren’t mine 🙂

1. Pink Roses

2. Shake it Off 

3. Pink Watercolour 

4. The Dream Is Real

5. Navy Floral 

How pretty does your laptop look right now?