Little Things To Be Happy About

We seem to live in quite a negative world. In fact it’s very rare that I switch on the news these days for the fear of what I’ll see. Sometimes when I’m getting stressed out or worked up about something, I have to take a seat back and think about the little things in life. The little things that actually make things better although they may seem insignificant they always help brighten your day. I know there are quite a few posts like this at the moment floating around but I just thought it might be nice to write on my blog, and for when I’m feeling a bit of a grump, I can look back at this post 🙂

  • Waking up to sunshine (Summer is coming!) 
  • Being greeted by a pet. 
  • Walking into a clean kitchen when you’d forgotten you’d done the washing up, the night before. 
  • Freshly painted nails. 
  • When your eyeliner is even on both sides (yes, high five to me) 
  • Wearing underwear that matches (this makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together)
  • When a new episode of your favourite TV show comes out. 
  • The feeling after you’ve tidied the house. 
  • When someone says thank you.
  • Receiving parcels in the post.
  • Fresh sheets. 
  • When people say they enjoyed your latest blog post/video. 
  • The feeling when you come home from the gym/exercise (feeling like Popeye and knowing your step closer to being a confident goddess this summer) 
  • When you realise in the day that you’re having your favourite dinner that night. 
  • When your favourite YouTuber uploads. 
  • Finding a new artist/band to listen to.
  • When your favourite artist/band release new music (IT’S LIKE ANGELS IN MY EARS)
  • When the shop you want to order from has a discount promotion ( hello slightly guilt free new clothes!) 
  • New stationary.
  • Going out for lunch/dinner.
  • Getting a seat on the tube.
  • Getting into a bath which is just the right temperature. 
  • Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 
  • Getting into bed knowing you don’t have to set your alarm for the next day. (THE BEST)