Long Hair Problems

I have had long hair pretty much my whole entire life. I was even born with a whole head of hair which did slightly make look like a little baby chimpanzee. Hair everywhere. I think the shortest i’ve ever had my hair was shoulder length, which was a dodgy haircut given to me when I was 11. I have developed a fear of hairdressers ever since. Ha ha. Though I sometimes have days, where I feel like having a lob or trying something different, I’m not sure if I’d ever join the short hair crew. Although long hair can be a pain (as highlighted) in this post, I also never get bored with trying new things. Also it’s almost a security blanket for me. So for my fellow long hair don’t care peeps, hope you enjoy!

Hair everywhere. The carpet, the shower, the hair brush. How do I have hair left on my head?

Having a hair on your arm and for a second panicking cause you think its a spider.

When people ask you ‘how you grew your hair so long?’ ‘Okay well what I did was… well it just kinda happened?’ There’s no scientific theory I’m afraid.

Having a genuine fear of hairdressers. ‘I want just a trim…’

Dry shampoo is your best friend due to it taking 6726 years to wash and blow dry your hair.

You go through oodles of hair conditioner.

Knots. Oh the knots.

It takes about 78 years to curl your hair.

The pain of someone accidentally leaning/pulling your hair.

Tying your hair up is like having a work out for your arms. 

Sleeping with your hair down is genuinely a dangerous activity. You can see the news now ‘girl dies after being strangled by own hair.’ 

People think it’s okay to just touch and stroke your hair. ‘Errr I’m not a cat?’

And if you ever cut it, people will act like you’ve just killed their puppy. ‘Why would you do that?’ ‘Er it’s just hair?’