My Essie Collection

Essie still feels like quite a new nail brand to me here in the UK. That’s because, I remember not that long ago when Essie wasn’t available here and to get beauty blogger approved shades, you had to turn to eBay and Amazon. Ah good times. 

Now days, thankfully we can go to Boots and Superdrug and pick up a nail polish as easy as well 123, and even better in the UK we have the new fatter brushes, which make painting your nails so blooming easy, it’s almost a doddle. It’s safe to say that I do love Essie nail polishes, they are pretty affordable, though I do tend to only buy them as a ‘treat’ to myself.

However it seems I have treated myself, quite a few times. Anyway I thought why not post about them, and have an excuse to get them all out and have a little Essie party.

My first ever Essie polish was Mint Candy Apple, which I imagine was most people’s first Essie? I bought it back in 2011 when everyone was going on about it, and I was like I need in on that action! I haven’t bought a new polish in quite some time, which I think needs to be changed! I am loving the looks of the new Spring 2015 collection at the moment, and hopefully when that comes into Boots, I’ll buy one (or two!)

These swatches really don’t do the polishes justice, must of been drunk (JOKE) when I took these; 

Absolutely Shore, Fiji, Butler Please, Cocktail Bling. 

My favourites from my collection have to be; Absolutely Shore, a purchase totally enabled by Anna which is a sea foamy pale green, which annoyingly isn’t an UK shade. However you can buy it from eBay and you can pretend it’s 2011 again. IT’S THE ROYAL WEDDING. Ha just kidding. Then we have Fiji, a baby pink which can be a bit of a madam to apply, but is such a gorgeous colour. I find it always makes my hands looks really nice and it looks amazing with a tan. My bottle has been used so many times, it’s gone a bit manky so I need a new one, but it’s seriously so pretty. Next we have Butler Please, a cobalt blue which I really love in the Autumn/Winter months, and finally we have Cocktail Bling, a cool toned grey which I again love in the Winter, but can also work in the Spring too!

I always find that Essie polishes last quite long on the nails, and don’t chip too easily. I always fall head over heels for their glitters and well I’m sure it won’t be long, before I’m topping up again!

What’s your favourite Essie shade?