My Two Style Inspirations Right Now.

I am one of those people who takes style inspiration from other people. I always have and probably always will. At the moment, I have two very prominent style icons. People who I’ll turn to and pin on pinterest boards, or screen shot outfits to build inspiration of my own. Both are very different, and two different types of style, but I thought I would share them with you and my favourite outfits of theirs. 

90’s Jennifer Aniston 

As I mentioned in my ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me‘ post, I watch Friends pretty much every day. I find it comforting but lately, I have been turning to the earlier episodes for fashion inspiration. This may seem a little crazy but right now I am so into 90’s fashion, and Rachel has the most amazing 90’s wardrobe. From check mini skirts, dungarees to sweatshirts, I literally find myself going all heart eyed emoji over everything she wears in those early episodes. I’ve found dupes of things she wears from places like New Look, ASOS & Motel Rocks. And after all, this gives me another excuse to watch Friends, as it’s inspiration for my blog right? 

Eleanor Calder 

This may seem like a bit of a strange one, cause some of you won’t of even heard of Eleanor Calder before. She is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction’s girlfriend/ex girlfriend (depending on what you believe with the media right now) and I’ve always admired her style, but recently, I’ve been really digging it. From a monochrome colour selection, to ripped jeans, ankle boots and well we even accessorise with a similar dog, Eleanor has effortless but chic styling. I love seeing her Instagram posts and thinking, ‘ how can I style something similar.’ It may seem like a strange person to have as an style inspiration, but i don’t think someone has to be well known to be a style inspiration, I just really like Eleanor’s style and well always have done. 

These two are my favourite style inspirations right now, I also turn to Pinterest and Tumblr for other fashion inspiration, but Eleanor and 90s Jennifer Aniston are the two names, who are at the front of my mind right now! So tell me, who is your current fashion inspiration?