Spring/Summer Fashion Wishlist

Ah Spring is here. Recently, I have been compiling a wish list easily as long as my arm for Spring/Summer clothes. I’ve become one of those people who likes to plan what they’re going to buy, rather than run into a shop Supermarket Sweep style. Is this what getting older is about? Haha.

This Spring/Summer I have decided that I want to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe, I’m not reversing back to my neon days but a few things here and there won’t hurt. I’m also really into 90’s fashion right now, so think a-line skirts, and dungarees. Then I’m also loving this boho/desert vibe at the moment, think Olsen twin at Coachella. These are the mixtures of things that I am going for and trying to incorporate into my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I’ve also been pinning on my summer style board on Pinterest, getting ideas for outfits and how to style pieces. I often wonder what I would do without Pinterest, well I’d probably get a lot more done but y’know that’s no fun is it?

What are you going to be wearing this Spring?