The Everyday Beauty Products.

The other day, I realised that us beauty bloggers don’t really give a lot of air time to the everyday beauty products. You know the ones that we use day in, day out, and the things that we will re purchase time and time again. It made me wonder, ‘why do we do this?’ Those poor products probably think ‘hey lady we stick by you through thick and thin, yet you can’t write a post about us?’

Anyway, today I am going to give these products some air time, and hopefully they’ll stop scowling at me from now on.

First of all, I’m talking shampoo; Head & Shoulders, will always be a shampoo that I turn to. It helps with greasy hair, clears build up and of course ahem dandruff. It’s always something that I end up buying after trying a new shampoo and my scalp having a freak out over the new shampoo. H&S always helps to bring everything back to normal. Yes not the most natural of shampoos out there but it works for me and if I’ve ever dyed my hair too dark *damn misleading box dyes* this helps it to fade and leave me looking more normal instead of Morticia Addams.

Whilst we’re talking all things shower, lets talk about my favourite shower gel brand. Soap & Glory. I have recently been using their Orangasm range, which let me tell you, a bottle lasts you for about ten years. Okay slight exaggeration but you get my drift. It smells really good, is moisturising yet washing *that made no sense, well done corrie* and lasts you a long time. Seriously what more do you want from a shower gel? Well maybe some hands to come out and wash your hair for you, that would be great and probably a little creepy too.

Something we all need every day, and should use every day, yet it amazes me how in the summer, I learn that not everyone uses this… is deodorant. Personally I find putting on deodorant as important as putting on pants. I feel naked without it, and well one time I went to work without it *I was tired okay?* and I contemplated putting air freshener under there, I then shook myself and just made sure I didn’t raise my arms until lunchtime where I dashed out to buy some. Thankfully this has only happened once, like the time I once forgot to put on a bra. Yes really. Anyways Mitchum deodorant is always the one deodorant I turn to as it actually works. It stops you getting all sweaty and smelly which is what we want from deodorant? Right? Part of me feels a bad human for not wearing natural deodorant but part of me quite likes sticking with what I’ve got right now. I use a roll at the moment which helps to eradicate white marks, but honestly I’d rather have to deal with wiping some white marks off my clothes to know I’ll stay pretty sweat and smell free throughout the day.

Now let’s talk teeth. Well toothpaste, not just teeth in general. The Oral 3D range is my go to toothpaste range cause it’s one of the few ranges that actually whitens your teeth. I have always been obsessed with getting white teeth and I have probably tried every teeth whitening toothpaste out there. This is the best one I’ve used, it’s on the pricier end of toothpaste *by pricey, I mean like £3 rather than £1 Colgate* but we did buy our latest tube from Home Bargains so keep your eyes peeled in shops like that to pick it up for a fraction of the price. I really like it though, my teeth feel whiter, in fact sometimes, I look at my teeth in photos/vlogs and think ‘gosh my teeth look quite nice and white.’ Which is rare coming from someone who used to hate and I mean hate their teeth so much that they compared them to Stonehenge.

These four products are ones that I use every single day, I re purchase them when they run out and they’ve been with me through thick and thin, well really through greasy haired sweaty days but nethertheless they’re always in my bathroom, and I sure would miss them if I couldn’t get them anymore. So what’s your everyday beauty product? The one that seems to boring for blogs? Tell me, lets give those little gems some well deserved praise.