The Festival Fashion Edit.

Okay, sorry. I used edit in the title of this post. I just couldn’t think of another word okay! Anyways, festival season is pretty much upon us, I always think that when Coachella has started, that’s when were on our way to summer and festivals. I have to admit, I’m a newbie when it comes to festivals as I actually haven’t done one properly before.

I have to say that Coachella is the dream, for years I have admired people’s fashion from the festival and I’d love to go, just to say I’ve been, as the atmosphere always looks incredible. It’s definitely on my bucket list that’s for sure.

With this in mind, I have made a collection of my favourite festival inspired pieces right now from the likes of ASOS, Topshop, River Island and more. I have been saving this little lot for a while, and thought I would share it all. Think a bit of colour, off the shoulder tops and pom poms. This is the kind of stuff that I would wear to Coachella if I was lucky enough to go!

Are you going to any festivals this year?