The Product That Stops Your Make Up Going Cakey.

Okay. Okay. I could of thought of a snappier post title. But it’s the truth. Recently, well not even recently, over the past year, I have been struggling what can only be scientifically called as ‘cake face.’ 

No I haven’t had my face submerged in chocolate cake, Bruce Bogtrotter style. 

But I’m talking about when your face gets a bit lost amongst foundation, concealer and powder. You get this almost mask, powdery effect and it’s one of my make up pet hates. Sometimes, you get cakey face for no reason, and sometimes, it’s cause you’ve been a bit slap happy with the foundation/concealer/powder. I also find that if my skin is a bit on the dry side, then this can relay in looking a bit cakey too. 

The one way that I have found, to help your make up look more natural and well skin-like is by using a misting spray. I find that using a setting spray such as The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist, helps to melt the make up into your skin, and also adds some moisture, I find that my skin always looks a lot more natural, and dewy after spraying and it also helps my make up last too!

It’s become an essential step in my make up, as sometimes my skin will get cakey as the day goes on and this just stops it. The mist also doesn’t make my face oily, or cause breakouts, in fact it’s something that I have used for years, and I’m sure I will continue to do so 🙂 

Do you have a product you use to stop the dreaded cake face?