Ways To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day.

We’ve all been there when we’ve had days that make us feel like the whole world is against us. We’re all human, and we all have bad days. I see a lot of posts that almost make you feel like you shouldn’t ever have bad days or feel crappy, and sometimes I almost feel guilty for this. Which is silly, cause like I said we are all human, we’re allowed to not be happy all the time. 

The other day, I was having a momentous bad day. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and I got the part of my day where I was like ‘aggg’ and almost had a meltdown. Recently in general, I’ve also been letting people who don’t deserve my time, upset me. Stuff that when I explain to people why I’m upset, they say ‘why let them annoy you?’ But that’s easier said than done. 

When I’m having one of my bad days, I do try to turn it around, cause to be honest, i don’t like being in a bad mood. I don’t like feeling like I need to punch the pillows on the bed, although sometimes that does help. I hope that this little list is helpful in some way and tbh it’s something that I will look back on the next time, I’m either letting people get to me, or I’m having a big old stress. 

Step Away From The Situation: When I was having my bad day, it was a mixture of things but the majority of the time it’s something to do with work/internet so I tend to shut down my laptop (obviously if all my jobs are done) and walk away. I know that this isn’t always possible, but when I worked in retail and I was a step away from hitting customers with hangers, I would ask someone to cover me on the till and walk away to do something like tidying/clearing/finger spacing to have a breather. When I worked in an office, if I wasn’t in the middle of something, I would escape to the loo or kitchen for five minutes to have a little de stress. I’d make myself a drink, or just count to ten whilst in the loo. People may think you’re going for a poo, but it’s worth it for a breather right? If you haven’t been on your lunch break yet, get away from work and go for a walk, this always helped to calm me down if I was feeling stressed/irritated. 

Clean: Okay so this may be a weird one but cleaning always helps me when I am having a stressy moment. I think it’s cause you aren’t thinking about anything in particular and if you’re feeling angry you can take it out on the dishes/surfaces (my poor plates) Also having a tidy house/room always makes me feel 100x better so this sometimes helps my mood in itself as well. 

Have a Rant: Okay so this one can be a tricky one but honestly getting something off your chest will make you so much better. If there’s no one around or no one you think will understand, sometimes I grab a piece of paper and write down what is stressing/annoying/worrying me. When it’s on paper, it can bring everything into perspective and makes you think ‘okay things aren’t that bad.’ Then what I do is I rip the paper up into a million little pieces and throw it in to a bin. It makes me feel like I’m almost throwing away the problem and suddenly I feel a bit better. 

Crank Up The Music: Did I just say ‘crank?’ haha alright grandma. But music is such a huge help to me, I listen to music pretty much all day, and cause I am a geek, I have playlists which i turn to for different moods. Recently, my go to song for when I’m feeling annoyed/worried/stressed is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, it helps me to well you know, shake it off. Also I have been listening to a lot of songs from my teenage years, which are mostly angry rock/indie songs which help to sing out loud too. Or I dance, I put on some Taylor and I dance round the living room. Usually Frankie looks at me like ‘wtf mum?’But it makes me feel better. 

Shower/Bath: I always find that a long hot shower/bath are cures for anything. I love unwinding in either, and letting the water wash away my troubles. Sorry that sounded like a bubble bath advert. But seriously, grab a bath bomb, light a candle and have a soak, or rank up the shower, grab your foamiest shower gel and even have a sit down, cause yes sit down showers aren’t just for the elderly or the hungover. Trust me. 

Watch Your Favourite Film: When I had my bad day, I put on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, which I hadn’t watched in years, but omg, it was amazing. I found myself laughing and remembering how much I’d loved this film when I was an awkward teen. Watching a fave film can make you feel so much better, and who doesn’t love a feel good film?

Go To Bed: Finally, sometimes the only thing you can do is call it a day and head to bed. Sometimes that mood cant be shaken but tomorrow is always a new day. Chill in bed, have a little cry and promise tomorrow will be better. You’re too good to let stupid people annoy/upset you or let little things worry you. 

I hope this has helped in some way, I always find that eating something naughty always helps too or even exercise (total opposites there) but going to the gym/for a walk always help clear your head and obviously release endorphins which makes you feel happier. If you are having a  bad day whilst reading this, I hope things perk up soon, bad days don’t last forever and remember everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.