YouTuber Problems.

I’ve been making YouTube videos as well as blogging for almost four years. Four whole years. My relationship with YouTube has been up and down. At first, I made several videos for 6 months and then I would refuse to upload them. I would always exclaim ‘ DO MY TEETH REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT?’ However, after being on and off, I’m very much on with YouTube right now and making videos is one of my favourite things to do. However with most things, YouTube can have it’s frustrations. You all also know how much I love a gif so why not create a post about YouTuber problems? These are the thoughts I had when I first started YouTube, and some things that happen now that I am a bit more used to making videos 🙂 I hope you like this post and take all things with a pinch of salt 🙂 

At first you’re like…

I’m going to start making YouTube videos. How hard can it be? 

But first I need a cool background. *buys all the fairy lights & fake flowers* 

Feeling like such a tit when vlogging in public for the first time. *Well and the second, and third time*

Watching the videos back and thinking ‘Does my voice really sound like that?’

‘Is that what I look like whilst I’m talking? Ugh never talking in public again. ‘


How is it still processing? Have I gone back to dial up internet days? 

Trying to think of a catchy title for your video. 

Getting the jitters before publishing your video.  

Publishing your video and only getting 5 views. Good start. Good start. 

Am I Zoella yet?  

Once you’ve been doing that YouTube thing for a while…

Recording a video and it being out of focus. 

Or forgetting to plug in your microphone. 

Losing the ability to talk whilst filming. 

Boring yourself whilst editing. 

Feeling impressed with yourself when you learn a new snazzy editing trick. Yes I can now make overlays move…

My video has been up for 5 minutes, how is there already a dislike? YOU HAVEN’T EVEN WATCHED IT ALL, THAT’S NOT A FAIR RATING. 

Phew nice comments are coming in. 

Okay now a troll. 

Hitting the 301+ views *fist pump* 

When you meet an actual subscriber in public. *Seriously real people watch my videos?*

But still finding it weird when people you know say they watch your videos… 

Before you know it, this is you and your camera. Well apart from the days when you’re vlogging and it gives you a double chin. 

Do you make YouTube videos? What’s your YouTuber problems?