Zoeva Rose Golden Set

Okay so I know that most bloggers and their dog or cat or Gran have blogged about these make up brushes. But can we just take a minute to look at how pretty they are. I mean, I just had to write a post dedicated to these beauties, it would be rude not to. Zoeva’s Rose Golden Luxury Set*, are a brush set to get pretty much every beauty blogger and enthusiasts heart racing. Just look at the rose gold. Okay, let’s stop perving. Time to get on with the actual post.

I was very lucky to get the Rose Gold set into my collection, and I have been loving them. Not just because they look so pretty, promise. I’m a big fan of Zoeva brushes, and apart from a couple of Real Techniques brushes, I use all Zoeva brushes. I find their brushes to be soft, sturdy and don’t shed. The amount of times that I have used a brush and it has left me with a hairy face is too many times to count. This always leads to the awkward ‘Err you have a hair on your face?’  But these never shed, are super soft and are just a pretty great collection of brushes.

My favourite from this range are; 110– for buffing in concealer, highlighter or for contouring as it gets right in the hollows of your cheek, 127 for applying blush, 227 for blending eyeshadow perfectly, and 231 for applying eyeshadow under the eye, this is for perfecting a smokey eye.

Though to be fair all the brushes are lovely, and I enjoy using all of them but these are my favourites from the collection. The brushes come with a brown and rose gold pouch, which is just as pretty as the brushes. They are a combination of synthetics and natural talkon brushes, but they are all so soft on the skin and are just nice brushes to use.

There is also a few other rose gold sets such as an eye set, and a powder nude set which are so girly and pretty. Priced at £55 for 8 brushes which works out to be £6.80 per brush which when you compare to other brushes, that’s a pretty good deal.

I do have just a regular Zoeva brush set, and my favourites to use from that aren’t in the Rose Golden set are; 122- for stippling blush and highlighter, 228 for applying eyeshadow to the crease. I think that all the brushes are really well priced, and definitely worth getting a set to try different ones.

I am in love, and every time I look at these brushes, I go all heart eyed emoji like.

Have you tried Zoeva brushes?