Five Ways To Be More Productive

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Hands up if you’re reading this blog post right now to avoid doing something else? Don’t worry, I won’t tell, cause I do this as well. Our secret right?

Whether you’re putting off cleaning, making dinner, doing some work, or even just life. It seems we’re all pretty good at procrastinating. Recently I’ve been too good at it. I’ve been finding myself getting stuck behind in my jobs, and my house remaining a pig sty longer than it should, so I’ve made a vow with myself to try and be more productive.

I have a super short attention span and get bored very easily. So concentrating on one task is a bit difficult for me, but these things down below have really helped me, so I hope they help you too, if like me you’re very easy to be distracted!

1. Avoid Procrastination Temptation: For me my distractions are social media. I’ll find myself looking on Twitter/Instagram to avoid doing work, or chores. Before I know it, half an hour has passed, and I’m no longer just looking at my feed, I’m stalking someones cousins wife and I’m eight weeks deep into their Instagram feed. We’ve all been there though right? One thing I do to stop this, is A. use a temporary website blocker on my computer to block social media sites such as Twitter/Facebook. Because I physically can’t get on there, it means I won’t be distracted by them. Other times, I will hide my phone, and keep it out of sight. I find out of sight of mind, so this helps not get tempted by notifications that pop up or the temptation to have a scroll! 

2. Set a Time Limit: I downloaded app Pomodoro which is a timer app, but you could totally just use your timer on your phone to time yourself and give yourself limits for how long you take on each task. Give yourself 30 minutes to get that blog post written, 20 minutes to hoover round, 15 minutes to reply to emails from today. You’ll find yourself wanting to stick to the time and I always say to myself ‘ once this half an hour is over, this task is done and you can relax.’ 

3. Close Down Emails: I always get distracted by emails popping up, so I tend to close my emails so nothing will pop up distracting me. Usually I say to myself that emails don’t need replying to straight away so if they have to wait an hour or two so be it. I also close down any tabs that may distract me such as Bloglovin, Tumblr, ASOS and just concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing. 

4. Music: Sometimes I find music distracting, especially if it’s one of my favourite albums and I’m singing away to my hearts content. I tend to get Spotify on and look up one of their focus/concentration playlists and pop that on. Because I haven’t got a clue what the music is, and also because it’s good for helping you to concentrate, I just get on with my work without accidentally typing out the lyrics that I’m singing along to. 

5. Reward Yourself: I don’t know about you, but if I tick all my jobs off my ‘to do’ list, I’ll reward myself with a treat. I’ll say, right if I can tidy the house, I can sit and watch an episode of whatever I’m watching right now on Netflix. Or I’ll finish this blog post and go get some lunch. If I give myself something to look forward to, then I usually get the task done quicker! I am like a child at heart, and this obviously still works for me at 23! 

I do find that sometimes I’m productive at very random times, and sometimes I have to roll with it! I may do a post about how to be a productive blogger if you’d like to see that?

What’s your favourite tip to be more productive?