Little Ways To Be More Self Confident.

Okay, I know it isn’t easy to suddenly become self confident. I’m pretty sure you won’t read this blog post, and suddenly strut around like Beyonce (who I’m also sure has un confident days like the best of us.) I’ve always suffered with self confidence, from looks to personality, I’ve grown up worrying about things like ‘am I ugly?’ ‘I wish I was smarter’ ‘I wish my nose/thighs were smaller.’

Now that I am in my twenties, I am still un confident in some areas of myself, but over the past few months, I have become more confident. I am not sure if this is what growing up is all about, or maybe trying to be more positive, but honestly, it’s quite refreshing to not be hung up so much about things anymore. I wanted to write a post about what I do to make myself feel more confident, as I see too many girls and boys on social media, putting themselves down. It makes me sad when I see young girls feel their fat and need to go on diets, and when youngsters are heading down to have plastic surgery. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against anything like that, if something makes you happy then go for it, but I think it’s sad we live in a world where we feel we need to be perfect.

Usually this ‘perfect’ is super skinny, tall, luscious hair, perfect skin and well just the perfect life. Lets be honest, none of us are perfect. We’ve all seen those untouched photos of Beyonce right? So no one is perfect and this is something we need to remember.

Get Things In Perspective: Sometimes when I am having a moment about my thighs or nose, I look at the bigger picture. I think sometimes you have to think, ‘ right I am healthy, I am alive, I have loving family and friends, this is more important.’ There is more to life than looks, and seriously because my thighs aren’t as small as they were as a teenager doesn’t mean people won’t like me anymore. People like you for you, and usually that’s cause of your personality not cause of what you look like. I love this quote that Sammi posted on instagram. It’s so true.

It’s Not All About Looks: Sometimes, I can be quite vain. When you’re a blogger, you’re constantly taking videos/pictures of yourself and it’s very very easy to sit when editing and pick out all your flaws. Sometimes you have to step back and think ‘hey it’s not all about looks.’ It’s better to be kind, funny, loving, and fun than be a perfect Barbie. Honestly, people in your life, want to hang around with fun people not perfect people. People dig personalities so much more than looks, and if they don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be hanging round with them.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem: It’s so easy to go on Instagram/YouTube/Blogs and compare yourself with people. You go on the Daily Mail and look at celebrities and think ‘why don’t i look like that?’ In reality, celebrities have so much help, they have daily make up artists, stylists, nutritionists, whilst do me and you have that? Last time I checked, I didn’t. So if we had all this help, we’d look a million dollars too. So don’t beat yourself up. Secondly, everything is so air brushed and edited these days, that the girls in magazines, don’t even look like the girls in magazines. I keep seeing things about people editing their photos for Instagram? Like don’t get me wrong, filters, and editing the saturation are part of the fun but airbrushing too? Remember this next time you’re scrolling through Instagram.

Don’t Compare Yourself: Comparing yourself is so easy to do, but such a dangerous thing to do. I do it all the time and I need to stop. One way I try to get over this is to remember we are all unique. We should be different to one another, not the same. Whilst it’s cool to get inspiration from people such as style/hair beauty, remember that the world doesn’t need a load of photo copies. Be you. Be unique.

Do Something About It: When I was constantly unhappy with the fact I put on weight last year, I decided to stop moaning about it and do something. I knew that I wasn’t happy and this wasn’t going to change, but I also felt unhealthy and my clothes felt tight. I started eating healthy and joined a gym. Whilst I do have wobbly days, I feel a lot happier with myself and healthier too! If something is making you deeply unhappy then its okay to change things, but please always do it for you and no one else. If a boy/girl has said something about you, then try to ignore it, never change yourself for someone else, do it for you.

Think Positive: If you’re having a bad day, think positive rather than negative. Think about what you have got going for you, not what you don’t like. You may not like your thighs, but everyone loves your eyes, or your hair. You may not get straight A’s but you’re really bloody funny. You may think you have nothing going for you, but this is never the case. Ask someone close to you, what they like about you and you may just be surprised.

The thing to remember is that no one is perfect and everyone has off days. Although, I have days where I don’t like myself, I’m much happier now than when I used to beat myself up about things every single day. And after all, why would I expect anyone to be nice to me, when I couldn’t even be nice to me? Remember that, be your own BFF not your worst enemy.