Reasons You’re A Better Blogger Than You Think

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The blogging world has changed. But of course it was going to right? Back in 2010, when I started blogging, it was a word barely anyone had heard of. When I said ‘I write a blog’ it was matched with perplexed faces and then followed by ‘so what is one of those?’ These days though  however, it seems everyone has a blog. Blogging is a new way that people receive media, and bloggers are up there in the influence stakes as sport stars and pop stars. Bloggers and vloggers are pretty much taking over the world.

With this though, comes huge pressure. The pressure to make your blog professional, to have posts that get hundreds of saves on Bloglovin, and posts that have clean crisp photographs. For many this is now their job, their livelihood, and we have entered the world of pro blogging. When you see bloggers doing amazingly well, it can be hard sometimes to not feel crap about your blog. You’ll find yourself thinking, why doesn’t my blog look like that? Why don’t I have as many followers? Etc… but this is such a dangerous road to go down, and shamefully one I have been going down many times lately.

I wanted to write a positive post. A post that I could look back on, to read when I’m feeling a bit of a grump about my blog and when I’m being a bit hard on myself. If you’re feeling the same way then I wholeheartedly hope this helps a little 🙂

1. You have a blog. You’ve already done something that many people just think of doing but you actually bit the bullet.

2. You’ve written posts for your blog.

3. You still write posts for your blog. Don’t ever feel bad that you can’t blog every single day, very few people can and the fact that you manage to write posts now and then is pretty impressive. Always remember quality over quantity.

4. You spend your free time blogging. I started my blog as a hobby, and any time free from uni work/work was spent blogging, and I’m sure it’s same for many other bloggers too. That’s pretty cool dedicating free time to blog.

5. Blogging isn’t easy. You know that, I know that and it doesnt matter what anyone else says.

6. You have more than one person reading your blog who isn’t your Mum. Don’t compare yourself to bloggers who have enough followers to fill a small country. Even having a handful is an achievement, having people who want to read your work and find it interesting is pretty damn cool.

7. Your posts make people smile, laugh and help them escape reality for a second. 

8. No matter what stage you are at in blogging, whether it’s just beginning for you, or you’ve been doing it for years or maybe this is your job. You’re a bloody brilliant blogger. 

It’s hard where there’s people out there who have millions of followers, whilst you feel like no one is interested in your blog. The truth is that is not true at all. I think that everyone no matter how long they’ve been blogging  or how many people read their blog, all have days like this. But you need to pick yourself up and give yourself some credit. Blogging is hard. Blogging is not easy. So you keep doing a great job and don’t forget to enjoy it. Blogging is supposed to be fun, lighthearted and interesting. Don’t compare yourself with others, and beat yourself up about your blog. In my opinion all bloggers deserve a pat on a back, and this is my way of trying to do that.


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