The Best Things About Blogging.

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It’s really weird to sit down and think about why I started blogging. I guess it’s cause I liked reading them and one day, a random Saturday, decided to start one myself. After a few false starts, I sat down at Henry’s laptop on a rainy afternoon and that was it. My blogging fire was ignited and I haven’t stopped ever since. After a few random posts here and there, I thought this would be like last time, where I would post a couple of posts and then stop. This time though, I’m still there almost five years later. That is a lot of typing.

I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always loved make up, so the two went hand in hand together, and voila my blog was born. I loved blogging from the get go, and it’s still one of my favourite things to do now. In the past five years, blogging has shown me so many more opportunities than I ever imagined. So I thought that I would write today about the best things about blogging.

Cause I don’t know about you, but sometimes, it’s so easy to get bogged down when you’re a blogger. You compare yourself to everyone else, you get writers block, you feel you’re the only person who isn’t get any amazing opportunities. So today, let’s think about the very best things about blogging. Let’s enjoy our little spaces on the internet, and stop taking it all so seriously.

  • You Get To Meet Like Minded People: all my life, I’ve only met a handful of people who have loved the same things as me. But since blogging, I have met and made friends with girls who have exactly the same interests as me. We bonded over make up, and now I have friends who I talk to everyday about everything in my life. It’s so nice to talk to people online who love the same things you do. I finally felt I was accepted as all my life, I’d felt like a dizzy person with a shallow interest in make up, so it was so amazing to finally talk to people who got as excited over eyeshadow palettes as I do. 
  • Your Blog Is Your Blog: You have this space on the internet where you can write whatever you damn like. You can write it however you like, and write about whatever you want. There are no reigns. 
  • You Learn New Skills: Before I started blogging, I was basically shit at taking pictures. Okay I still am a bit, but I could barely work a camera. I didn’t know how to set up a tripod and a MacBook genuinely scared me. These days though, this is all a breeze. From blogging, I’ve learnt so many new skills that I wouldn’t of without it. From social media knowledge, photography, editing, and writing. I’ve learnt so much that I never thought I would learn. 
  • You Get To Do Incredible Stuff: As you read this, I’m in Vegas on a blogging trip, Yes that’s right VEGAS. Because of my blog. That’s bloody crazy. I’ve been able to do amazing stuff I never imagined, such as meeting celebrities, working with my favourite brands and going on trips. Who knew one day when I started blogging about nail polish that these things would be a possibility? I sure didn’t that’s for sure. 
  • People Actually Care: This one may seem a bit of a weird one, but for years I felt people didn’t get me. Then I started writing a blog and people actually cared about it and what I wrote. Over the years, I’ve had people comment on here and send emails who get me and my blog. I feel the same when I read blogs, I feel the same way as other bloggers and actually look forward to reading their blogs. Even if one person reads your blog, it’s a lovely feeling. You appreciate every person who reads your blog, 

The next time that I feel a bit negative about blogging, I’m going to read this and remember just how good blogging can be.