The Pink Blazer.

I went through a real phase of buying coloured blazers a couple of years ago. I think I had a bright pink, turquoise and yellow number that I would wear all the time. Then I went a bit anti colour, and I guess I fell out of love with them and colour. However as soon as Spring rolled round, I was craving a bit more colour in my wardrobe and I found myself hankering for a blazer once again.

There’s something I love about a really casual outfit with a  blazer over the top. Think denim shorts and a tee, and a blazer, or jeans. I love the look, and love how a blazer can totally transform your outfit. I wanted a blazer that I could wear with many outfits, and didn’t feel too much like a Butlins cast member in, so New Look came up trumps with this baby pink/shell number.

Blazer: New Look

Top: French Connection 

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Public Desire

Initially I was unsure, but I have to say I now see this blazer as a fully fledged member of my wardrobe. It’s a drape fit, which means I can wear it with casual outfits, the shell/baby pink colour is flattering on my skin tone, and it’s fitted and feminine at the same time. I’ve been pairing it with blue jeans and white tops, as you can see in the pics, and it’s the exact Spring time cover up that I felt my wardrobe was lacking.

As we approach summer, I’ll be throwing this over shorts and vests, it’s light and is made out of an almost crepe like material meaning it won’t be too heavy when we finally get some warmth and sunshine here in the UK.

I feel I have been bitten once again by the blazer bug. I feel I need a new white one in my life, as my latest one got dye all over it after being caught in the rain with a red notepad. CRY. Although, I always feel like a member of Wham! in a white blazer, I have that hankering to get one.

So with this in mind, where’s your favourite places to buy blazers from?