Ways To Be More Organised With Your Blog.

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Writing a blog isn’t a dilly dally. I remember it used to be when I first started in 2010. I used to write and post posts when I felt like it, but these days, it’s a different story. We’ve seen blogging change hugely over the past few years, which is great. Blogging is a huge part of how we receive media, and is no longer seen as just a silly internet fad. But this has meant that bloggers have had to up their game, and blogging can seriously seem like a part time job to juggle around full time jobs, and life.

I struggled a lot when I was working full time and blogging. I felt I never had enough time to do anything, and I’d spend all weekend trying to get posts and videos sorted. You can feel out of touch, and that your blog struggles, but recently I’ve been using some ways to get myself organised, which means you’ll have time to not only blog but also to have a life and most importantly a rest!!

Get Inspired! – When you come home in the evenings, you’re shattered. You have to make tea, walk the dog, clean, etc… and by the time you hit the sofa you’re ready for bed. Even though I was always shattered, I was still able to look on my phone and catch up with the social media updates I’d missed through the day. This is a great time to get inspiration for posts, as I don’t know about you, I just cant work by sitting in front of the laptop with a blank page and write post after post. My favourite ways to find inspiration is from Pinterest, Bloglovin and Tumblr. Create a board on Pinterest and pin inspiring blog posts, photos that you like the look of, or anything that will spur on future blog posts. Time Taken- 30 minutes during the week

Plan, Plan, Plan– Once you’ve got inspired, work out what you want to blog about. I tend to create a calendar on the Numbers app on my MacBook where I will plan out posts for the month. I go back to it as the month goes on, but in this time, I take in dates/occasions and work out if any posts would be relevant. But it just makes things easier to see what you want to blog about. It can be as many times or as little as you like remember. I tend to do 4-5 posts a week as I don’t think everyone reads blogs every day, and sometimes I think posting daily means posts can be lost. But I’m not an expert, so post as many times as you desire, don’t beat yourself up if you’re only planning 1/2 posts a week, it’s quality not quantity. Time Taken 30 minutes during the week

Set A Time Slot: One thing I am awful for is procrastinating. So I’ll sit with my laptop and be on ASOS, YouTube and Bloglovin rather than blogging. So I tend to set myself a timer, usually 30 mins at a time and try to get as much done in one go. If I’m struggling with social media temptation, I usually close down all tabs and hide my phone, or use a temporary website blocker. But setting yourself a time does help. Set yourself a couple of hours to get your posts done for the week and you’re done! Time Taken- 1/2 hours on day off/free 🙂

Take Photos In Bulk: Again like with the writing, I tend to always take photos in bulk too. I set aside a couple of hours on a sunny day, and get to work. I’ve already planned what my photos will be, what I want them to look like and what I want in the background. Then I set myself up by the window and get snapping! Taking all my pics in one go, means that when i write my posts they’re ready to go in the post and that makes things a lot speedier! Time taken 1/2 hours on day off/free 🙂

Schedule! I used to post posts then and there but these days I prefer to get everything scheduled. I always schedule posts for midday, as I think then people can have a little read on their lunch break, or when they’re home. Then I’ll go and schedule all my tweets. Now I won’t lie, this is boring, but it will take about half an hour to do. I go to Hootsuite and schedule about 3/4 tweets about my new post for that day. It just means, I don’t have to worry in the week about tweeting about my new post cause it’s all ready to go! Although scheduled tweets are a bore to read, remember you only see them in your time line for a second, and honestly ever since I knuckled down with putting blog links on Twitter a few times a day, I have noticed such a difference in page views.  Time taken- 30 minutes on day off/free 🙂

Relax! There we have it, within a few short hours, your posts are written and scheduled for the week, as well as your tweets/facebook posts. Now you can get on with the weekend and not have to worry about your blog 🙂

What’s your favourite ways to be organised with your blog?


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