What It’s Like Being A Dog Owner (Cute GIFS Included…)

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I used to not like dogs. I know right? But before you disown me, I like them now, in fact now I am a bit of a crazy dog lady. You see I was never a ‘dog person’ until I got a dog, and now I’m a bit obsessed.

We got Frankie the labradoodle in September 2013, he was a fluffy chunky bundle, who cried the whole way home like a monkey and I was honestly a bit petrified. I said to Henry, ‘HE’S BEING POSSESSED, WHAT DO I DO?’ Agh fun times. We were naive. We didn’t realise how hard it would be having a dog, but I wouldn’t change anything. Frankie is a part of us now, and is a part of me. He keeps me company all day, and always knows when you’re not feeling yourself. I’ve realised how loving and loyal dogs are, and with Frank turning two in a couple of months, I feel I know a lot more now about what it’s like being a dog owner… so here is what it’s really like.

Why did no one tell me that puppies don’t like sleeping?

You will try everything to settle them in for those first few nights.

They’re pretty cute as puppies, but not so much when they’re not toilet trained yet.

But when you do toilet train them, it’s a huge celebration. Who knew one day you’d be like ‘ YES YOU DID A WEE WEE WELL DONE!’

Talking about poo becomes normal. And so does picking it up. Nothing grosses you out anymore.

But your dog always picks the most public place to do a poo.

Dog farts are literally the worst thing.

You didn’t realise that you cant eat in peace in anymore.

You will literally do everything together from now onwards.

You worry about them all the time. If they’re sick you’re like ‘shall I call the vet?’ If they sleep a lot you’re like ‘shall I call the vet?’ If they move you’re like ‘shall I call the vet?’

Sometimes you forget they’re a dog and talk to them like you would to a human. You then realise you do this in public much to the amusement of fellow dog walkers. ‘They’re just jealous Frank of our friendship..” is what I say.

They genuinely become your best friend. They don’t tell you when they don’t like your outfit, they’re always there to give you a cuddle and are rarely in a bad mood.

You’ll never get over how cute the head tilt they do is.

Marley & Me was a devastating film before owning a dog but now that film is banned from anywhere near the house. No no no. 

Nothing beats the feeling of being greeted by a dog when you come home.

Here’s some cute gifs, cause why the heck not.

They can be messy and they can be naughty but without them we’d be lost. <3 nbsp="">