What’s In My Teenage Make Up Bag

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I went back home a few weeks ago, and the main agenda of my visit (apart from spending time with my Mum and sister obviously) was going through some of my stuff in storage. I haven’t lived at home properly for about five years, and in that time, my Mum has moved meaning my things from old bedroom and childhood have been left in storage waiting for me to sort out. After years and years of putting it off, finally I knuckled down for a clear out.

I have to say, clearing it all out was much more fun that I’d imagined. I found a plethora of memories, from school certificates, to swimming badges and old diaries. I found some gems amongst lots of questionable fashion choices, and some rather dodgy photos. Something I found amongst the photos and ornaments was a discarded make up bag. My teenage make up bag. I’m not sure why it had been left in my room, but I can only assume, it was left there in case I ever forgot my make up. I brought it home with me, obviously not to use, but to see what exactly was in there and then why not blog about it?

What's In My Teenage Make Up Bag, Make Up Bag. What's in my make up bag, teenage make up, teenage, make up, beauty, revlon, flashback, revlon, body shop, rimmel, primark, whats in my bag

So here we have my teenage make up bag and let’s just say it’s a lot different to my make up bag now.

First of all, there is a few items missing, no bronzer, blusher, highlighter or concealer. So this makes me think that this is only part of my teenage make up routine.

First we have some foundation; Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse, I went through a real Revlon foundation phase when I was younger. I was obsessed with Revlon Colorstay, as Laura (Lollipop26) had said they were dupes for some MAC foundation, and 17 year old Corrie, dreamt of one day having her own MAC foundation. Can you imagine how sad I was when I realised they broke me out? This foundation looks way too dark for my skin tone and my Mum was forever telling me to buy lighter foundation and to blend it in. But surely that’s a mother’s prerogative though right?

We have L’oreal’s Studio Secrets primer, which I remember being astounded at the price of. I used to buy all my make up due to magazines, and I’d seen an advert in a magazine for this and was wowed by the promise of being flawless and pore free. I used to be obsessed with my pores and wanted nothing more than to hide them. Needless to say, my pores were still visible, so I stopped using this, hence why the pot is still half full!

This was me aged 17- I liked blusher as you can tell. 

There was some kind of weird white concealer, which I’m not sure what I used for. I think we’ll just skip past this and hope to god I didn’t use it as lipstick.

Next we have lots of eye products, I used to be way more adventurous with eyeshadow back in the day. My first ever MAC shadow was a aqua blue called Turqatic. Yes I still remember. And I was obsessed with bright blue eye shadows from Urban Decay. In this make up bag is a mixture of navy, green and purple eye shadows! As I said above, I was obsessed with the beauty advice in magazines, and would follow them up religiously. So you know when they advise what colours are best for your eye colour, well I would of then gone and bought those coloured eyeshadows! Hence the purple and green eyeshadow!

I remember one magazine suggested to make your make up last you should hairspray your face. Yes I did this and I am ashamed to admit to this! My mum found out one day and said it was a stupid thing to do, I protested with ‘but they said that’s the right thing to do in a magazine’ and my Mum replied ‘ if a magazine said to put your head into a oven would you do that too?’ LOL bants Mum.

There’s also some glittery shimmery colours in the form of gold and silver roller ball eye shadows. I think every girl growing up had these and well they were used for nights out and special occasions only.

There was also a Dior palette in my bag which I think had been my Mum’s which she had given to me. I remember my Mum used to get really nice make up palettes from her friend which sometimes would irritate her eyes and then she’d give them to me. I used to be so happy if this happened haha. In this one palette was lots of bright colours barely touched and the light white colour had hit pan, obviously this was when I was cutting back on the coloured eyeshadow!

Then finally was a 2 in 1 Avon mascara, one side was a glitter eyeliner and the other mascara. I mean if that isn’t the perfect disco make up item, I don’t know what is.

Then we have a mixture of make up brushes and nail files and the bag is empty. Pretty funny though, looking back on all my old make up and what I used to use. I remember I also used to use Barry M 101 lipstick which was basically concealer for your lips and my friend said it made me look like I had frostbite. Then Barry M Baby Pink nail polish was my most used nail colour!

So what was your favourite make up items growing up as a teen?