25 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 25

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Today I turn 24. Yay happy birthday to me. Which means 12 months till I’m 25. That sounds weird.
Turning 24 sounded weird enough to me already, considering inside my head I am still 18. In fact I usually act like that too. I was panicking about getting older, cause suddenly you wake up and think ‘omg I am not a teenager anymore. I am an adult with real responsibilities. wtf.’ But this is normal and you know what, I’m actually okay with getting older. You know, I don’t have to ask anyone if I can go anywhere, if I want to stay up late then i bloody well can, I have my own dog who gives me cuddles and just last month, I buggered off to Vegas with 9 strangers? Why? Because I’m an adult and I can.

So next year is the big two-five. Which is almost but also isn’t a milestone. I feel that in my early 20’s, I’ve not done that much. In fact the past twelve months have been the most exciting. So I want to continue this, because one day I will be old. Like actual old, not white girl crying she’s now in the Overs on X Factor category old.

I have twelve months to tick these things off my list. It’s time to stop just sitting watching Netflix (though I will still do this) and to start living. But first I’m going to go eat my birthday cake. Okay bye.

1.Go To New York 

2. Visit a place I have never been to before

3.Go to a festival 

4.Get abs (ha)

5. To stop worrying so much about silly little things

6. Reach 100,000 subscribers on Youtube 

7. To see more of my friends and make sure we meet up at least once a month.

8.To spend more time with my family. 

9.Go to Disneyland Paris 

10. Put a crazy colour in my hair 

11. Buy something that I have always wanted 

12. Learn to accept myself 

13. Not look at my phone so much

14. To stop comparing myself 

15. Get more sleep 

16. Say yes to more things 

17. Meet Harry Styles 

18. Go to more gigs/concerts

19. Go to some sort of YouTube event/convention- they’ve just always intrigued me.
20.Be super duper proud of my YouTube & blog content
21. To move house with a kitchen that actually fits in more than one person at a time.
22. Go To LA
23. Plan a really cool day for my 25th birthday
24. Set up an actual grown up savings account
25. Remember that I’m still young and to not panic about getting older. 

What do you want to do before your next big birthday? 


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