30 Blog Post Ideas For When You’re On A Budget

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You don’t need money to blog. Trust me. Sometimes my favourite posts are when I am writing about things I already have, or a memory, or just sitting down at my laptop for a good old natter. With summer approaching, I’m trying to save for my holiday to NYC which means I’m on a bit of a budget when it comes to my blog. So I thought that when I was writing down blog ideas for posts this month, to why not share a few that I feel are great ideas for posts but also mean you don’t have to spend any money! I hope you like them and even if you don’t, your bank balance will 🙂


1. Your current everyday make up routine 

2. The products you always repurchase 

3. Pamper Evening Routine
4. Current Go To Products
5. Beauty Wish list
6. Things You Regret Buying
7. The make up products you first bought back in the day
8. The products you use in the shower.
9. How You style your hair everyday.
10. Your best beauty hacks/tips


1. Your morning/evening routine

2. Your favourite TV Shows right now

3. Your favourite bands/artists

4. How To Save Money
5. Blogging advice you’ve learnt from over the years of blogging
6. Current pins on pinterest that you are loving
7. Favourite Bloggers/YouTubers right now.
8. Your favourite/most used apps
9. Things you wish you knew when you were younger
10. Look back on holidays/events and share photos/memories 


1. Your Favourite Item In Your Wardrobe

2. How to Clear Out Your Wardrobe Effectively 

3. Seasonal Wishlists- Holiday wish list, Summer wish list, etc…

4. The Basics You Think You Need In Your Wardrobe

5. How to Style: Jeans, leather jacket, boots… (whatever you have)
6. Your favourite/most worn accessories/jewellery
7. What’s in Your Handbag
8. Favourite places to buy clothes on the high street
9. DIY clothes; ripped jeans, distressed denim jacket, tie dye top
10. Day to night dressing- how you go from day to night in your wardrobe. 

Happy budget blogging 🙂 


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