How To Get Over Holiday Blues.

Right now I am struggling with getting back in to everyday life. Last week, I hopped off a plane at Heathrow with the notion of ‘Right back to work. Let’s do this.’ But what I didn’t envisage was the holiday blues that have plagued me since arriving back on English soil. Although, I was pleased to be home, to see my boys, to be back in my bed and have a private toilet again (no more outdoor wees) I was incredibly sad to be back to the grind of everyday life. The endless emails, deadlines and having to do chores such as washing up. Ugh just ugh.

But unfortunately we cant be on holiday forever. I mean unless you’re like a Kardashian or something. I’ve found that every day, I’ve become a bit more accustomed to everyday life, and my holiday blues are disappearing. Whilst we’re in the early stages of holiday season, I thought I’d write up my tips for beating those blues when it’s time to come home and face reality.

  • Give Yourself A Rest : Some of my biggest mistakes is throwing myself right back into work. Hopping off a plane to head into an office the next morning never boded well for me and I remember last year I almost cried at my desk. I held it together and had a little weep in the toilet though. Classy. This year, when I came back, I work from home now obviously, but I didn’t want to just throw myself into my endless emails and work that I had waiting for me. If you can try and give yourself a day in-between to sleep off jet lag and ease yourself into work. I worked about half a day before the jet lag kicked in and I had a nap and sacked off the emails. The next day though, I was feeling much more prepared and ready to tackle work. I know that not everyone has the luxury of a day in-between but give yourself a few hours to rest before heading straight back into work. 
  • Have A Mourning Period: Have a little time where you allow yourself to feel sad about being home, have a little cry, go to bed early, order a takeaway and watch a good film. I found having an afternoon to watch Clueless and The Hilary Duff Movie (no shame) really helped me into feeling a bit more human. Pop on Netflix and remember how much you missed it whilst you were away. Give yourself a few hours to be sad before saying to yourself, ‘enough now.’ 
  • Edit All Your Holiday Pictures/Videos: I’ve found editing all my vlogs have really helped me work through the blues as it feels like I’m reliving it again and I’ll always have them to remind me. You can remind yourself that you had the best time and have some great memories. 
  • Have Some TLC: Have a pamper evening, run a bath, paint your nails and wash your hair. Get back into feeling yourself and letting the holiday go. After ten days camping and climbing rocks, I was in dire need of a hair mask and nail polish. So I had a little pamper evening and felt much better and well who doesn’t feel better after a pamper. 
  • Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To: I’m lucky that at the end of August, I’m back off to NYC so I’ve been focusing on that and how exciting that is. But even if it’s something little like meeting up with a  friend for coffee, going shopping, or your favourite TV show returning, give yourself something to look forward to. Or even go book another holiday, get that countdown back on! 

 I promise that you will start to feel a bit more chipper in a few days, although I miss all my pals, I am happy to be home and have some amazing memories to look back on. Instead of feeling sad it’s over, feel happy it happened and well just get looking forward to the next exciting trip! 

How do you get over holiday blues? 


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