How To Grow Your Hair Long & Keep It Healthy.

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The most comments and questions that I get on social media, or on here are about my hair. Recently, since I went lighter for the summer, I’ve had a new influx of questions about how to look after your hair, how to grow it and how to stop it being damaged when you’ve bleached it.

I thought it was maybe time that I compiled a post all about my tips and tricks for growing your hair and keeping it healthy. I am in no way an expert or a hairdresser, but I’ve always had healthy long hair, so take from this post what you will. I know that not everyone’s hair grows as fast as some people’s and I am lucky that my hair grows very quickly and has always been thick. But hopefully some of these tips will help 🙂

Find A Good Hairdresser– People may think that avoiding trips to the hairdresser is the easy way to grow your hair. Yes your hair will grow, but you may end up getting split ends and your hair being damaged which kind of defeats the object really. Find someone who you trust and will only take off a much as you want. Book in for regular trims, I’d say every three months or so or more regular if they suggest so. I don’t visit the hairdresser  a lot as my hairdresser lives back home, however I have been getting more trusting by trying salons in London. Read blog reviews of people’s hair that you like, or send them a tweet. It’s the best way to find out about good salons.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair: I’ve managed to train my hair to only need washing once/twice a week. Yes that might sound gross, but my hair doesn’t get that greasy anymore and as far as I’m concerned stays clean and fresh. I find that this helps the natural oils to do their thing and over washing can upset my scalp. Use products that work for you, natural or not natural it’s your choice. Don’t forget about your scalp though as remember that’s where the hair is growing, so make sure it’s not irritated as it might cause a build up which can actually restrict hair growth. Find out what works best for you to keep your head and hair happy. My favourites are head and shoulders, the dove range and Herbal Essences. I’m never picky with my shampoo and conditioners though, I just always tend to go back to H&S.

Treat Yo’ Hair: When washing your hair, make sure you apply a generous amount of conditioner or a hair mask. Keeping your hair in tip top shape is a great way to grow it long and of course keep it healthy. I tend to apply quite a lot of conditioner for ten minutes and let it sink in. It’s a great way of treating the hair to some conditioning.

Step Away From The Hair Tools: I have noticed such a difference since I stopped using hair tools every day. When I used rollers everyday , which are actually one of the better hair tools to use as they aren’t as hot as straighteners, and cool down in the hair rather than heat up, I noticed that my hair always felt quite dry. However now I only use them once/twice a week and my hair is a lot softer and in better condition. Try and use tools every other day if you can. Try and let your hair dry naturally, or even half blow dry it if you can get away with it. Do hair styles such as braids, half up half down and messy buns for second day hair, and your hair will thank you for the break in styling. Whilst you don’t need to completely stop using them, just limit how many times a week you use them. Every other day is a good start 🙂

Don’t Stress: I promise that once you stop stressing about growing about your hair- it will grow. You’ll notice every cm more when you’re not paying attention and your hair will grow trust me. Eat healthily *avocado is great for hair* get some supplements if so *fish oil is again great for hair and skin* and drink lots of water. I promise that skipping the heated hair tools will make a world of difference and within time you’ll get the hair you want 🙂

Do you have any tips for growing your hair?