Hungover/Ill Beauty Essentials.

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We’ve all been there. When one drink turns into two bottles of wine and a 3am stop at a kebab house. Or when you have to be up and about after one seriously wild girls night. We’ve all been there and it is horrific. Cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago. I was in Vegas on a trip ( I don’t know if you knew that cause y’know I’ve barely spoke about it on here ;)) but after 9 nights of camping, and climbing rocks it was time to let our hair down. And that we did. Did I tell you between us we managed to drink 8 bottles of champagne between us in 15 minutes? New world record perhaps? Who knows.

Anyways, it was a fun night, but the next morning we were flying home. We had to check out of our hotel at 11am, and then we had a few hours to kill before the flight. Now let me tell you, I did not feel so chipper. We all decided to go to iHop for some breakfast, as soon as I got in there I suddenly felt so sick *damn champagne* and sadly couldn’t stomach a pancake, all I could have was some toast. Poor, poor effort. But whilst I was struggling with my toast, Emma turned and said ‘ you don’t look hungover at all though Corrie.’ Which made me realise my sneaky make up foolery had worked and well why not write a post about exactly what I use to hide when I secretly feel like death.

This is also what I do when I’m feeling ill, or tired and just don’t want the world to know that I am a walking snot ball.

Foundation: First of all, it’s time to cover everything up. I have been swearing by Bourjois Healthy Mix recently, this foundation just makes my skin look perky and radiant, no matter what. It even rescued my face after an 11 hour flight and that’s saying something. It makes my skin glow, and just makes me feel a lot more human. I always add a good layer of foundation when I’m feeling rubbish as I feel it just helps to hide any tell tale dull skin and skin discolouration.

Concealer: Out come the big guns. I slapped on this Rimmel Lasting Finish Cream Concealer* under my eyes to get rid of those tell tale under eye circles. I love this concealer as it’s really high coverage, it’s super light so highlights the whole area and is really cheap too! I put on a couple of layers of this and felt it made my eyes look a lot more awake and totally hid the fact, that a few short hours before I’d been partying at a pool party.

Eye Drops: Now if I can ever get you to go buy one thing from reading my blog, it’s these eye drops; Eyedew Sparkling Eyedrops. They are my life saviours. I’ve used these for years and I would never be without them, Like ever. What they do is help to brighten your eyes. So you know when you’re tired, you get really bloodshot eyes? Well I do and I literally look like an extra from 28 days Later. A couple of drops of these and your eyes are whiter and brightened. You look a ton better and seriously no one would ever know that you’re tired/hungover/ill/a zombie. Holy grail item for sure.

Blusher/Bronzer: It may seem tempting to stop at concealer and foundation, but adding a little colour to your face will do wonders. I always add a little bronzer to warm up my complexion, but for this time I used this Make Me Blush Cream from Barry M* which added a peachy glow to my cheeks. It brightened up my complexion and made me look a bit healthier rather than my grey face which was hiding underneath.

Lips: Finally use a slightly brighter lipstick/lipgloss to again add some colour into your face. I love peachy/coral colours and this helps to make my face look brighter and more awake. I found this Bourjois Color Boost in Peach On The Beach perfect as you literally swab it on, so takes no effort and just adds some much needed colour. I always think using a brighter lipstick when you’re feeling drab will make you feel a bit better anyways.

Finally, if you can always shower, so no one can smell alcohol obvz, and sunglasses, cause we all love sunglasses when were hungover/ill and then dry shampoo for your hair. That’s it, you’re good to go. So it’ll take you about 5 mins, and you’ll look great on the outside, however there’s not much I can do for you on the inside I’m afraid. Have a can of coke and get some greasy food inside you, and promise you’ll be feeling better in no time. 😉 Oh and the end of my story was that when I left iHop, I found Victoria’s Secret which made me feel better and I felt fine by the time it was home time 🙂