Useful Apps For Blogging

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Blogging is one of those jobs/hobbies where it is 24/7. There’s no switching off from it, and if you’re like me, sometimes you have to step away from the laptop. We live in a day in age, where technology is number one to us, and to be honest is incredibly useful.

Although I like to have a break away from the blog, sometimes I will have to use my phone as my main contact, and recently I have been using some apps which are really helpful for when you’re blogging at home or on the run. That totally sounds like I’m on the run from the law which I’m not FYI, although myself and Frank did kill a fly together the other day and I think we may be the next Bonnie & Clyde.

Whilst I don’t use an app to blog, I’ve personally never got on with the blogger app, there is one. I did use it a couple of times to write up posts when I visited America in 2012, but I found it incredibly annoying to use,  but I guess the app has probably improved since then! But if you like writing posts on the go this one may work for you. Personally I always find, it’s very rare that i want to write on the go, but if I do, I’ll type it up in my notes section and paste it onto the laptop when I’m home!

lifestyle, blogging, blogging advice, useful apps, apps for blogging, best apps for blogging, bloglovin, vsco cam, content, dizzybrunette3 blog

Bloglovin I am obsessed with this app as you can read blogs on the go as well as checking on your blog too. I tend to go through Bloglovin’s popular pages when I am on a train and note down what people are loving and are saving. From this I can create my own content ideas. I find Bloglovin one of the platforms that I am most inspired by so it’s useful to look through when you have nothing to do!

Google Analytics- Super handy for checking on your stats whilst you’re away from your laptop. Say you get an email and someone needs your unique users before the day ends? No problemo. Sometimes I’ll just open it up and see how my post from the day’s going, or maybe look at the month’s views so far. Another app that is good when you’re on some sort of journey as you can look at things in more detail.

CamScanner: Our printer is a big old heavy thing that is a mare to get out, so I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to scanning in documents. Whether it’s blogging related or not, I will use Camscanner to scan in documents which works using your phones camera. You then save the picture which you can then forward on through email. It’s so handy to have, especially if you’re away from home without a scanner near by!

Cudasign: This is the same logic, so instead of printing out documents, signing them and scanning them which omg ballache. You can download the document, open it in the app, sign it, date it, save and send through email. Bob’s your uncle. They make your signature look like a signature that you’ve done in pen yourself, so this is so handy when something needs signing, and you don’t have a printer/scanner, or are away from one. I literally couldn’t be without this app.

VSCO Cam: Aha my favourite picture editing app. I use VSCO cam to edit all my instagram photos and sometimes even my blog photos. I have a certain technique that I edit every photo to *yes I need to get a life* but sometimes if I’m on a train, or even just sitting on the sofa, I’ll bulk edit a load of photos and then pop them into my ‘to instagram’ album *yes further proof I need a life*. This just saves me time throughout the week when it’s time to Instagram a picture, and I genuinely find it one of the best and easiest photo editing apps to use.

Reward Style: If you’re signed up for affiliate marketing with Reward Style, then the app is pretty handy for when you’re on the go. Basically you can link to the clothes or items featured in posts from shops, and then when someone buys something you make a small commission. A lot of people use the app to do ‘ Like To Know It’ which is when someone uploads on instagram, if you sign up and like the pic, you will get an email with all the outfit details. I haven’t got this far yet, but it’s a handy app to have if you blog on the go, or upload a lot of outfit posts.

Pinterest: Pinterest is my inspiration app. Where I turn to when I need some ideas for posts or photography ideas. I could spend hours on the app, and it’s a great way to chill out. I usually go on Pinterst in bed which then makes me feel really creative so not the best idea, but I’d definitely recommend it as I always find it helps me loads when I’m struggling for post ideas.

There we have it, some of my favourite apps for blogging- whether it’s on the go or you need some inspiration , these all help me out so much pretty much everyday!

So tell me what’s your favourite app for blogging?