20 Summer Blog Post ideas

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It’s currently summer. Okay well, right now as I look out my window, it’s slightly grey and cloudy so I can’t really feel I can justify it being summer right now, but you know technically. Anyway, it’s summer so tbh, there’s probably much better things we could be doing than sitting indoors on our laptops thinking of blog post ideas. I mean hello there are beaches to visit, pub gardens to meet our friends in and Pimms to pour! So I thought that seeing as my budget blog post idea post went down well, I’d do a summer themed one 🙂 hope it helps and now you’ve got some more time to do summer fun things 🙂 

1. Holiday Beauty Essentials- suncream, waterproof mascara, moisturiser, etc…

2. Hand Luggage Essentials – medication, headphones, face wipes, etc…

3. Summer Proof Make Up – sweat proof, waterproof products 

4. Fave Summer Nail/lip colours– pastels, neons, etc…

5. Travelling Tips- anxious traveller? Travelling across the world? Let everyone know your tips! 

6. Travel Bucket list– where you want to visit and why

7. Memories From Past Trips– share pictures and memories from your favourite past holidays/trips. 

8. Summer Lunch Recipes– healthy, quick, easy lunch ideas

9. Summer Dinner Recipes – okay basically the same idea as above but y’know doesn’t have to be as quick and DIY.

10. Favourite Summer Drinks– recipes, what you love drinking in the summer. 

11. Ways To Spend The Weekend In The Summer- your fave things to do. 

12. Summer No Heat Hair Styles – ways to make your hair look good without having to sweat one out using heated hair tools! 

13. Fake Tan Tips & Favourites– cause it’s much safer than sitting in the sun getting a tan! 

14. Things You Want To Do/Achieve This Summer– goals, places you want to go, etc…

15. Favourite Things To Do In The Summer– go to the beach, go on holiday, lunch in the park, share your favourite summer activities. 

16. Things You Loved As A Child In The Summer- summer memories, could be funny memories like when you’d ask your Mum if you could get an ice cream from the Ice Cream van and your mum would be like ‘No we’ve got choc ice’s in the freezer!’ 

17. Favourite Summer Outfits Right Now – your favourite summer outfits right now. 

18. Summer Wardrobe Essentials– your must haves for summer, denim shorts, dungarees, white blazer, sandals, etc… 

19. Holiday Packing Tips– how to pack your case efficiently, how to save space, how to be organised, check list etc….

20. Summer Morning/Evening Routine- what you do in the summer morning/evening and how you’ve adapted your routine for the warmer/lighter mornings/evenings. 

Hope these are helpful! 🙂