Annoying Things That People Do On Facebook

Facebook is easily one of my biggest weaknesses. I will spend hours on there procrastinating, I’ll be looking through people’s profiles and before I know it, I’m Facebook stalking someone’s cousins wife and I’m like ‘what am I doing with my life?’ Although Facebook can be entertaining, it can also be annoying. Well it’s not Facebook’s fault, it’s the people on it. Maybe I should delete my account… maybe but it’s kind of the thing that I love to hate and well here’s why.

When people post attention seeking statuses such as ‘ So sad right now’ ‘ Can’t believe they’ve done this’ which are met with a barrage of comments like ‘what’s up?’ ‘hope you are okay?’ They’ll reply with ‘I’ll PM you’ – if you wanted to keep it private why did you write a status about it in the first place? 

When couples write sickeningly sweet messages on each others walls. Like seriously send a text, or a whatsapp or if you have to do it via Facebook send a message on messenger. Don’t make us all see it.

When people tag themselves at really weird places such as hospitals/GP’s office/crematoriums – yep I have seen all three on my time line before. 

When people check in EVERYWHERE. I genuinely think some people think if they don’t check in at the gym, their workout won’t count.

When people have full on arguments on Facebook. 

 When people you haven’t spoke to in years, add you as a friend…. erm…?

When people upload pictures of their kids literally every ten minutes. Yes they’re cute, yes it’s great you’re now a parent but we don’t need pics of them every time they move. 



When someone’s profile is private- just how am I supposed to stalk your profile pictures now?

Can genuinely do without Timehop reminding us all the time,  how much fun we used to have and how we used to be a lot thinner. 

When people add 46366367 photos of their holiday to Majorca. Like seriously no one really cares about seeing picture after picture of you and your new holiday mates Julie and Kev. (Well apart from Julie and Kev.) 

Everyone has one person in their friends list who likes to humble brag ALL THE TIME. No one cares, get in the sea. 

When it’s 2015 and you get POKED. 

When people share stories/statuses to scare everyone. IF I SEE ONE MORE STATUS ABOUT DOG NAPPERS, I WILL SCREAM. 
*Genuinely though if any dognappers are reading this, I would watch out. I’ve watched Hunger Games and I’ve googled how to fight a bear, I wouldn’t try going near my dog. *

When your so called friend tags you in an awful picture. CHEERS PAL. 

The overly racist statues and jokes. Yep you’re being deleted. Bye. 

When literally the people you would least like to know come up in the ‘people you may know’ feature. 

Big thank you to my pals Laura and Sarah for helping me with this list, who frankly are the two reasons why I keep my FB account so I can talk to them on messenger. Haha. 

So tell me what do people do that annoys you on FB?