Fave Pins Right Now.

It’s no secret of mine that I am so obsessed with Pinterest. As I’ve said many a time before, there’s something about the site that makes me feel motivated and inspired. Also kind of calms me down too? Please tell me, I’m not the only person who gets calmed by Pinterest? 

I’m so lame sometimes. 

I love seeing what other people have been pinning, cause basically I am a nosey nora and also so I can then pin them to my boards and get inspired! 

Here are some of my recent favourites…

Home Pins- 

Recently I have been having one of my ‘ i want to change everything in the house’ phases. Tbh it happens every six months or so and I get this itch to change everything around! I’ve changed the bookshelf, next on the list is to brighten up the bedroom a little bit and change round my blogging room. I’ve been thinking lots of white, to make everything light and airy, pops of gold/silver and of course some pink here and there!! Keep your eye out for interior posts coming soon hopefully 🙂 

Hair Pins- 

Next we have some hair pins that I have been finding pretty inspiring. Again, I want to change my hair up. As you know, I went lighter with balyage in March but I’m feeling a bit over it. I’m debating either going back to really dark brown or to maybe darken it at the roots and go lighter on the ends. I’m also feeling a little chop too, I’m loving these blunt mid length cuts that seems to add loads of thickness and volume to your hair. I’ve always had super long hair, and after going a bit shorter at the hair dressers last time, my hair has grown back to super long and I’m kind of finding it a bit rat taily and a nightmare to deal with in the heat. Don’t know whether I’m brave enough though, but I guess hair grows right?? 

Style Pins- 

So we’re in the midst of a heatwave right now which means things are seriously sticky and humid in the UK. Shorts are literally all I can manage right now! But when the weather cools down which I’m sure it will soon, cause after all I do live in the UK, I’ll be back in my ripped jeans. I’m also obsessed with denim jackets right now. I’ve finally ordered one from a vintage website and I am praying that it looks good and not that I’ve just raided my dad’s 80’s wardrobe! I’ll report back though 🙂 

So there are my fave pins right now! Follow me on Pinterest and I may well just follow back! See you over there!