Gossip Girl Addict Problems

We are all in this together. 

*Warning spoiler alert if you haven’t watched all of GG yet…*

Genuinely thinking you are Blair Waldorf.

Which leads you to basically live your life like Blair.

Swooning over Chuck Bass.

Why don’t I live in NYC?

Why don’t I have a Dorota?

If you’re brunette, knowing you have to have a blonde bff so you can be Serena and Blair.

Not being able to see macaroons, or breakfast at Tiffany’s without thinking of Blair.

Always wanting to holiday in the Hampton’s.

Never ever getting over that Dan aka Lonely Boy was Gossip Girl.

Rufus and Lily were your OTP.

Having to stop yourself from signing off texts and emails with XOXO

Whenever you visit NYC, you have to visit set locations. ‘ TAKE MY PIC ON THE MET STEPS… WHERE’S MY YOGURT?

Never being able to look at Hilary Duff in the same away again.You know what I mean. 

Always wanting to stay in the Empire hotel… just in case you bump into Chuck Bass. WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER?

Re watching season 1 and genuinely thinking about picking up some headbands to wear.

Being so overwhelmingly happy when Leighton Meester announced she was pregnant but you remember she’s not actually married to Chuck in real life.

Re watching the whole thing to see if you can see if the real identity of GG makes sense. IT NEVER WILL CAUSE  THE ENDING WAS A COP OUT. You know not that it bothers me or anything.