Little Ways To Make Your Blog Photos Better.

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I will put my hands up right now and admit I am no pro when it comes to photography. In fact, you know those books called ‘photography for dummies?’ Yeah they’re aimed at me. When I first started blogging, I would take pictures on a digital camera with a tea towel as a background. But these days, a tea towel doesn’t really cut it, and with the era of blogging we are now in, it’s all about the bright, sharp photos that make blogs what they are today.

This can be a bit tricky if like me, taking photos just don’t work for you. I mean literally everything I take is blurry. You have seen my Kim Kardashian selfie right? Anyway, it doesn’t have to be hard to take blog photos, and recently, I have been pushing myself to make my photos better and hopefully you guys have liked that. I mean no tea towels have been harmed in the taking of blog photos for a good while now.

So today, I’m going to talk about some little things you can do to up your blog photography game. Even if you’re a dummy like me.

blogging advice, how to take good blog photos, lifestyle, blogging, blogs, how to take good photos, blogging photo advice, blogging photo tips, photography, photography for beginners,

Camera: Gonna throw it out there, you really don’t need a fancy camera to have a blog. I have a DSLR yes, but I think with all the point and shoots out there these days, you don’t need to spend hundreds just to take a good photo. Obviously it depends on what you’re blogging about, but seriously even your phone will do these days. All I will say is, make sure your photos are in focus, bright, and large. I’m not going to offer camera advice, cause I don’t really know that much. But I really like this postthis post  & this post for photography advice.

Different Backgrounds: Like I said, I would always use a tea towel for my background, but recently I’ve been trying to switch things up a bit more. Using different textures such as my desk, to a box i covered in marble sticky back plastic, to the floor, it’s good to try different things that work well for you. Personally I think a white background works really well for most things as its very bright and clear meaning your photos will stand out.

Fresh Flowers: Bit of a blogger cliche here, but I’ve started to buy fresh flowers every couple of weeks to take blog photos with. Not only do they brighten up the house, but it’s been nice having different colours and flowers in my photos which I feel livens up my photos. I tend to go for different flowers each time, and I feel they help to represent the time in which I’m taking photos. I love blog photos with flowers, but know not everyone feels the same way, but for me, I’m really liking my photos with them and they don’t cost too much either.

Blu Tac: Taking product photos can be a bit of a mare sometimes, so something I would totally recommend is getting blu tack and sticking your products down to the surface. That way everything stays in place and you can take your time taking the photo. I literally only discovered to do this last year and it’s made taking photos a lot easier.

Wipes: I always find that having some baby wipes at hand to wipe products and surfaces really help the products look a lot better in photos. I’ve been using some used products lately, and with a wipe they look brand new again. Think about how you want your photos to look and let’s be honest a clean product will look much better than one that has fingerprints all over it.

Styling Accessories: Recently I’ve been trying to get a bit more creative with styling in my photos, so adding accessories like lights, magazines, flowers, candles have all helped make my photos a little more interesting. My best advice is to have a play around with different things and see what works and what doesn’t. You soon find what works best for you and the look you want for your blog, but set aside a couple of hours and have a good play with lots of different things. Places like H&M home and Ikea do perfect accessories to put in photos for super cheap.

Plan Your Photos: I used to just go straight into taking photos but these days I plan everything. I screenshot pictures that inspire me, and look at tips before I start a photographing session. I write down everything that needs capturing and then also add in what accessories i want in the photo too. It’s quite easy to get all messy and flustered whilst taking photos so this just keeps me on track and I already have an idea in mind of what kind of photo I want. This just means, I can get the desired result quicker and rather than winging it and then perhaps putting it on my computer and not being happy with the look.

Editing: I try to not edit my photos too much as I don’t want them to look overly edited. But what I have been doing recently, is adjusting the levels on the picture to make it brighter. Then upping the saturation to make them more colourful before finally sharpening the image to make it more crisp and clear. I have been using iPhoto for this as I am a total photoshop noob, but sites such as Picmonkey are good to use for picture editing.

Have Fun: One thing lately, is I’ve been comparing myself too much to other bloggers and their photos. I’ve been beating myself up at the fact that their photos are so much better than mine, but I’m getting there. I’m a lot better than I was and I should give myself credit for that. Have fun with your photos and have fun getting to know what your style is. Taking photos for my blog is one of my favourite things to do, and it should always be fun and never a chore.

So tell me what’s your blog photography tips?