PLL Addict Problems

I’m not even joking when I say that Pretty Little Liars has easily over taken my life. Just a programme that I decided to watch on Netflix one night when bored, has led to me not being able to sleep thinking ‘who is A?’ I’ve had dreams that I’ve been part of the show, and I jump out of my skin if I see anyone wearing a black hoodie. With us getting through season 6, every Wednesday is PLL day in the UK, so I thought it might be fun to write up about why I’m so obsessed with this show, and well just who is A???

At first I was like, it’s just a TV show right? 

Then I was like.. hang on a cotton picking second.. where is Alison?

Then I was hooked. Before I knew it, I’d watched the first season in three days. 

I ask myself many questions whilst watching like: Why can’t I look like Lucy Hale? 

Also two words.. Caleb Rivers. 

How can A text with leather gloves? They’ve got some serious skills. 

Feeling you are never going to be able to wear a black hoody ever again.

Or a red coat.

For the first five seasons you’re like WHO IS A? 

Then in season six you’re like WHO THE BLOODY EFF IS CHARLES?

Being suspicious of every new character… I don’t trust you Sara Harvey.

You suddenly have irrational worries such as someone opening a storage unit in your name to hide a body, or stealing your face to make a mask so they can incriminate you.

Not knowing how to feel when you find Jason Delaurentis suddenly attractive

Wondering why after everything that has happened, why no one SHUTS THEIR CURTAINS.

Lying awake at night trying to work out who A is…

You have your own detailed theory about A… if I told I’d have to kill you…

You genuinely feel anger when someone says one of the four girls is A

You can’t get anything done till you’ve watched the new episode.. Wednesday mornings in the UK are never productive.

Genuinely worrying you’ll die before you find out who A is.


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