Some Recent Faves.

Okay so I’ve decided recently to stop with the regimented monthly favourites videos and posts. Though to be honest, I actually don’t know if I was ever arsed enough to do posts, but definitely videos. I found over the past few months, I was grabbing things to be in these videos for the sake of it. I’ll still do a  favourites from time to time but I want them to feel genuine and feature products that I have really been loving. Today, I thought I’d write about some of my recent faves. A mixture of things that have tickled my pickle * I once tweeted this and was met with an abundance of tweets saying this was a rude saying. I just thought it was a saying about what I’ve been liking, so that’s what we’ll go with, no weird p0rn reference intended. Also writing p0rn so this blog isn’t confused for something that is actually rude.*

Okay so yes, back to it and less about pickles, some recent faves of mine. Some beauty, some lifestyle, just some stuff I want to write and rave about. So hope that’s okay.

Flowers- Okay well Peonies.

No, no, no don’t close your browsers and roll your eyes at yet another blogger loving peonies. Okay, I get it, peonies are easily the most hyped flower around right now. Yes they’re in season and well it’s kind of impossible to scroll down your Instagram feed without seeing one. You know what they’re like? Minions. Bloody minions. I was saying earlier- I miss the days when I didn’t see a minion you know everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I was a fan of Despicable Me 1, I really was, but what is with the minion over load? Have I missed something?

Agh I’m digressing again. Peonies, yes very overrated, at the moment but oh my gosh aren’t they pretty? Up until this year, I had never had peonies, honestly I didn’t even really know their name. I’m no Charlie Dimmock *fun fact once served her in my old department store job and I had to stop staring to see if she was wearing a bra or not. Cause we all know that’s the real reason why our Dad’s suddenly had an interest in Ground Force back in day.* But I’d always seen Peonies on Pinterest and Tumblr and this year when Debenhams Flower Delivery emailed me to see if I’d like some flowers, I jumped at the chance of receiving my own peonies.

I felt all posh and sophisticated and I took as many photos as I could with them. You know had to get the money’s worth of Instagram/blog shots. Now my mission is to buy them every week until they go out of season. Yes it’s very basic blogger, but they’re pretty and I don’t care.

Also FYI if you fancy your own peony bouquet so you can pretend you’re one of those babes from Pinterest, I’ve got a 25% discount code (DFBLOG25) which gives you discount on all ranges apart from the small Flowers by Post range, but than other than that, buy and instagram away 🙂 You can also get next day flowers too from Debenhams in case you ever remember a birthday/occasion last minute.

*Also this definitely means I’m getting older as I really do appreciate a good fresh flower display in the house now* 

 Fancy Perfume. 

During my teenage years, my fragrance collection was not the most sophisticated. You remember all the Britney Spears fragrances she released? Yep I had them all, even had all the shower wash, body creme and a shimmer puff if I remember correctly. I genuinely thought they’d turn me into Britney complete with her really cool bellybutton piercing. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one obsessed with her bellybutton jewellery? Anyway Britney bellybutton fangirl over *that sounded weird* over the years, my perfume collection has improved. Though tbf, I am still partial to a celebrity fragrance, as long as it smells good, I’m really not bothered about the name. So when brand Sue Parkinson asked if I’d like to try a new fragrance, I jumped at the chance.

The Escentric Molecules 01 fragrance* is a bit fancy because it has a high dosage of Iso E Super which is  an ingredient which adds allure and is used in fragrances a lot. However in this one, has a high concentration which means it works with your own body’s chemistry to give you your own scent. It works with your natural pheromones which give off our own natural scent, but this helps to make them better and make you apparently more appealing and well alluring. I was a bit sceptical of this perfume, but honestly, it does smell different on every person. My mum and sister tried it and it smelt like a completely different perfume. I like it because it’s very fresh and woody, which is perfect for all year round. It’s one of those fragrances that you can’t really smell on yourself, but I’ve always had so many compliments when wearing it, people are usually like ‘ YOU SMELL SO NICE!’ Which you y’know is always a nice thing to hear.

This doesn’t work in the same effect for everyone though, but I love it. It fingers crossed works for me, and I always have this in my handbag for a quick little spritz here and there! A really interesting concept, yet I have yet to have Harry Styles succumb to my charms and allure-ness… is that a thing? I don’t know, we’ll roll with it.

 Amazing Concealer

I am a sucker for a good concealer, in fact a good concealer is the backbone to my make up look. Over the past few months  my skin has been freaking out. I’ve had some really bad breakouts which are thankfully clearing up, but still means I’ve been reaching for the concealer more than ever. However I’ve been using Amazing Cosmetics- Amazing Concealer* which is so good. You need powder with it, to set but it’s really high coverage and really long lasting. That’s all I have to say really, it’s like ronseal, does what it says on the tin. Well kind of, but it does the job for me and for that I am very thankful.


Bit of a boring one here but recently I have been Pinterest obsessed. Like get me to a PA class or something *that’s pinterest anonymous fyi, where I imagine all people who are too obsessed need to head* I just find Pinterest so motivating and inspiring which is weird cause I’m literally just pinning pictures to a board. But I dunno, recently, I have found so much inspiration for the house *currently having one of my ‘ I WANT TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE’ moods* and style too. I’m finding so much outfit inspiration and hair inspiration and well just life inspiration. I find pinning quite relaxing too, so tend to turn to it when I’m feeling de motivated *pretty much all the time* and when I’m a bit stressy. I love it and well if you want to follow me over there you can. That was a bit of sneaky self promo there and promise, I wanted to write about Pinterest cause I do bloody love it, not to just pimp out my pins. Promise. (Literally just used all the P’s)


Finally, we will finish with my recent TV love. Well it’s not recent, more like what I’ve been loving for the past few months but PLL. It’s in season 6 so we get a new episode every week, and every Wednesday morning i have to fight the urge to just devour the new episode, I make myself do some work and then usually watch whilst eating lunch. I mean yes being self employed is a nightmare for ever getting paid but being able to watch PLL on your lunch… yes hands up in the air emoji. Season 6 is pretty dark, and every week I usually have to watch behind my hands as I am a big baby, but it’s just so good. Who is A? Will we ever find out? Can Shay Mitchell get any hotter? Why is Jason Delaurentis suddenly a hottie? So many unanswered questions, so little time. If you like girly programmes with good looking people and a bit of suspense, you’ll like PLL. I’ve even got my Mum hooked, who did ask me for my theory on who A was… I told her and then she tried to tell my sister it was her theory. Haha, got you Mum!! I also text Hannah about once a day with some kind of PLL related message. I definitely need help.

So there are my recent faves, some random things thrown in there but I hope you liked this post and I’ll get more done over the next few months when things are floating my boat! So tell me one of your recent faves in the comments 🙂 and no it cannot be a minion 😉