Things To Remember If You’re In Your Twenties.

We seem to be a funny bunch us twenty somethings, I’m constantly seeing post after post about being one and well that dreaded ‘quarter life crisis’ that it seems everyone and their dog is going thorough right now. Over the past few years, the world we live in, has changed dramatically and I think that has had an effect on how we now live our lives. Growing up is totally different to how our parents did it and we’re learning that being in your twenties isn’t what it used to be like. I thought I’d write down some things that often pop into my head or what I talk about with my friends and if you’re feeling a bit lost and twenty something, hopefully, you’ll enjoy this.

Being In Your Twenties Isn’t Going To Be What You Expected– the sooner we realise this the better. Life has a funny way of planning itself and the way you imagined your twenties to be, will probably turn out the exact opposite. I wouldn’t worry though as I don’t think anyone’s life goes the way they planned.

No One Knows What Their Goal Is– whether that’s career, or life, it seems we’re all walking around aimlessly not knowing what’s going to happen next. Sometimes I think you just have to let things be, enjoy the freedom of being young and change jobs if you’re unhappy, or change up your life. Move around, do different things, now is the time to do stuff, don’t just leave things to chance.

Your Friendship Group Will Decrease, But That’s Okay– when you’re younger it seems the best thing is to surround yourself with all the friends you can possibly have. You end up walking round town like Blazin Squad #2, but as you get into your twenties, you realise that it’s better to have fewer real friends than loads of fake friends who only want to meet up with you for coffee to brag how good their life is right now. Make time for the people who make time for you, and try to meet up as often as you can.

You Will Never Properly Feel Like A Grown Up– and neither does anyone else, everyone is winging it.  You start your twenties still feeling like you’re 18 and then it hits you that you actually aren’t anymore. The thing is, everyone feels the same. No one feels grown up and adult like. Don’t feel like it’s just you who sometimes has cereal for dinner cause you cba to cook and that some Sunday’s you lie in bed with the most awful hangover cause you drank that bottle of wine too fast. There’s no rule saying we all have to read newspapers and eat croissants and go for country walks, you do grown up your style.

We Should Feel Lucky To Get Older- Freaking out about your next birthday? Will it take me from early to mid twenties? Will I officially have to be in the overs category if I entered X factor? Okay slow down. We need to realise that instead of freaking out about getting older, we should embrace it. Sometimes we have to remember that not everyone gets the privilege of getting older and that’s something we should cherish.

There Doesn’t Have To Be A Plan- The thing that annoyed me the most about university was everyone was always asking, ‘what’s your plan?’ I was like I don’t have a clue? When it comes to jobs, you never know what they’re like till your working in them, you can’t tell if you’re going to like something day in day out without ever trying it. Don’t worry about having some detailed life plan, just take things as they come. My best advice is to try different jobs out and try different things. You will find something eventually that you love. As my Mum always says ‘ you work a very long time, so there’s no point being in a job that makes you unhappy.’

Don’t sweat it though. Everything will be okay 🙂