How To Pack Your Case Like A Pro

I tend to be one of those people who just about throws everything in their case, apart from the kitchen sink. When I went to Vegas a couple of months ago, my case was not only just on the weight limit, but I always had to sit on it to get it zipped up. Not cool.

I decided that seeing as I was going to NYC and going to do a  considerable amount of shopping, I thought it may be best to be a bit better at packing for this holiday. So I decided to totally overhaul how I pack my case, and my case is so  much more organised and lighter than it was before. So here are  a few tips, if you’re like me when it comes to packing!

Plan, Plan, Plan: One thing I didn’t really do when I went on Trek was to really plan what I was taking. I didn’t look into the weather too much which I should have done, as my over flowing case was packed with shorts and vests- yeah not great for when it was 1 degrees at night! Look at weather reports and work out exactly what type of thing you need to take!

Make A List: Then comes one of my favourite things to do- a list. List down everything you need, pants, jeans, shorts, bikini’s, etc.. separate it into categories such as Tech, Clothes, Shoes, etc.. and it will help to keep you organised! You can then tick off each thing as it goes in your case.

Use a Holiday Helper: I found this on the New Look website when I was looking for a new bits to take away with me (which you can see here btw) , which I have found so helpful. Sometimes when you make a list, it’s hard to work out how many tops/shorts you’ll need. However the Holiday Helper, gets you to put in how long you’re going away and what kind of break it is. It then calculates how many of each thing you need. It made packing so much easier as I could really be strict with myself of how much I needed and should take! I’ve embedded the code below, so you can try it out yourself, but I definitely would recommend it if you tend to pack everything in your wardrobe. 

Packing Cubes: So this idea was definitely stolen off Lily, who’s case in America always left me a little envious cause it was so organised and empty, whilst I would sit in our tent rummaging through all my stuff with a torch and never be able to find anything I wanted! I got mine from Amazon, I got two packs of three for £12, which I thought was quite good value. I’ve ended up using 4 out of the 6 for clothes, but everything has fitted in so easily and compact. In fact, Henry looked at my case and said ‘are you sure you have enough?’ When usually his response is ‘Are you sure you need that much?’

Be Organised: My last tip, is to try and get yourself organised. Give yourself a few days to get your case together, as you’ll be more rational with your packing. I always find if you pack last minute you tend to throw everything in panic. Also remember that most places you can pick up stuff if you’ve forgotten something!

There we have it, there are some of my packing tips, however I can’t promise that on the way back that my case will be as organised!!