New In : Remington PROtect Range

So as you may know, I am obsessed with hair tools. Rollers are usually my hair weapon of choice, and honestly without them I know that my hair would look like flat rats tails. However, seeing as my rollers are made by Remington, when the brand got in touch recently about their newest hair tool range, I was intrigued and had to find out more. 

The PROtect range consists of straighteners and a hairdryer at the moment, but I really hope in the coming months that rollers/a hair curling iron are introduced too. The two electrical styling tools are designed to deliver great styling results for your hair but with less damage. I try to not use heated hair tools every day for the concern of damaging my hair, so I was pretty interested to hear about new hair tools that aren’t going to damage your hair too much. 

So just how do they work? Okay well I’ll tell you, if you just hold your horses. So the straighteners work by combining cool mist (which you fill up yourself with water) with optimum straightening heat. This provides great results but with less damage caused by regular hair straighteners thanks to hydracare technology. In fact Remington told me themselves that they have tested their new PROtect range against their existing products and noticed a variable difference in hair condition. I was really interested to read that as that’s what I like to hear, when brands constantly try to better their own product rather than just trying to compete with other brands. 

I’m not really the biggest fan of blow drying my hair, mainly cause it takes about 6 hours for my hair to dry, but also cause again, I always worry how much damage the hair dryer is doing to my hair. However the PROtect hairdryer works by drying hair by using less heat… okay so how does that work? Using Thermacare technology. Which in a nutshell means that the technology helps to protect your hair and keep your style lasting longer than normal. Sounds good right? 

So what I wanted to really know, was the proof in the pudding? Was the Thermacare and Hydracare technology really going to help protect my hair? I decided to ditch my other hair tools including my beloved rollers for a week, and go against my rule of using hair tools every day to see how my hair felt after using these products. 

The hairdryer is something I only used a couple of times during the week, because I only wash my hair once/twice a week. Okay don’t freak out, my hair doesn’t need washing that often (I’ve managed to train it) and doesn’t get too greasy easily. But the hairdryer was really easy to use, I was able to work the controls pretty easily and dried my hair on the hottest heat to see how it worked on my hair. I have to say that my hair seemed to dry quicker than normal. It felt soft and shiny after using the dryer and I didn’t feel like the blow dryer had damaged my hair either. 

So far so good. 

I was most intrigued by the straighteners, as I was always told that hair straighteners are the worst hair tools for damaging your hair. However these PROtect straighteners didn’t feel like they were damaging my hair at all. They’re quite chunky and it took me a while to get used to the wider head as I’m used to using quite small and narrow hair straightens. But this did mean that I could straighten more of my hair at once. 

I put the heat up to the hottest as my hair can sometimes be a bit resilient to straighten. I found that the hair straighteners did take a little longer to straighten my hair than my usual ones. But after a week of straightening my hair every day, my hair didn’t feel dry or damaged which is what it usually feels like when I have been using a lot of hair tools regularly. The ends still felt soft and my hair still looked shiny and healthy. I was pretty impressed that the straighteners hadn’t seemed to dry out my hair and especially because it’s lighter at the moment too. 

Whilst, I won’t be ditching my rollers just yet, I now have two new hair tools in my collection that I won’t be scared to use in case of damaging my hair. To celebrate the launch of the PROtect range, Remington have given me a hairdryer and the straighteners to give away to one of you guys! All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below, and I’ll pick a winner in a week’s time 🙂 

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Good luck and let me know if you’ll be tempted to switch and PROtect using the the new Remington PROtect range. 

*Sponsored by Remington