Why I Started Blogging.

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I remember the second of October 2010 quite vividly for some reason. It was a Saturday and I woke up after a lie in, we were living in our studio flat and I woke up to see it was a grey rainy day. 

Henry had gone to work and I found i didn’t have anything to do that day. I’d just transferred universities from Liverpool to Southampton (long story) and I was in my first couple of weeks of my second year. I didn’t have any deadlines and after moving hundreds of miles away, I didn’t know anyone either. 

For some reason, I woke up and decided that I was going to blog. I’d set up dizzybrunette3 the previous year where I’d wrote a few posts here and there but nothing too serious. For some reason I woke up that morning and decided that I’d start blogging. 

The reason why I suddenly had a sudden surge of inspiration was the fact that the day before, I’d been in London, where I’d queued for 7 hours in the cold to meet Cheryl. 

We’d gone to her book signing in London. Why you may ask? Because I was obsessed with her. From the age of 16/17 I was obsessed with her. I wanted her hair, I wanted to be her. Heck my room was full of pictures of her. So standing waiting around for her wasn’t a biggie for me. I met her for 20 seconds, she signed my book and told me she liked my hair. A fangirl’s life was made. 

So that Saturday morning, I sat down and typed out what happened the previous day. I spoke about how much i loved Cheryl and how she told she liked my hair- i mean like omg? Right. 

For some reason that morning made me love blogging. I was like ‘I have this place to put all my thoughts out there’ no one else loved Cheryl as much as me and this was my place to gush and fangirl.

Db3 was soon my place to gush about all beauty products, and here we are five years later. Okay well almost five years later. 

These days, that little place on the internet where I’d write about my conquest for red hair (copied Cheryl obvz) and nail polish is now my job. 

why i started blogging, meeting cheryl, Cheryl Cole, Cheryl, storm flower noir, celebrity, Lifestyle, blogging advice,

That makes me pinch myself that I carved a career for myself. I never thought that when I was in my retail job that this would happen. Even last year in my office job, I didn’t think being a full time blogger would ever happen but It did and I’m incredibly grateful for that. 

Now we fast forward to Tuesday 18th August 2015, and I’m at an event for the launch of a perfume. But not just any old perfume. Cheryl’s perfume.

I’m in a room of a selected few people, and she’s meeting everyone. I didn’t have to wait 7 hours in the rain, I didn’t have to sit outside the venue on a plastic bag to keep my bum warm, I didn’t have to get a 4:15am train to get here. I got invited here because of my blog. You know the blog that really got me writing because of that book signing.  

why i started blogging, meeting cheryl, Cheryl Cole, Cheryl, storm flower noir, celebrity, Lifestyle, blogging advice,

Me & Chryl. I am practically groping her bum. Good one Corrie. 

I’m writing this up on my phone on the train home and I’m honestly a little lost for words. Okay well not really cause I’ve just written an essay. 

I know it may seem silly. I know people will think I’m lame. Hey maybe I’ll be that celebrity obsessed dumbass that someone once said about me online. But honestly I don’t care. It’s not about the fact that I met Cheryl. It’s the principle that I seem to have gone a full circle on myself. 

I just find its a funny old world. That I started my blog properly based on the fact I’d gone to a book signing for Cheryl. And well here I am five years later being invited to things to meet Cheryl because of my blog. 

Sometimes I moan about blogging, how brands expect you to do so much for not very much and how my subscribers never seem to grow like everyone else’s. But tonight was something that 17 year old me who sung and obsessed over the fight for love song would never have ever imagined would happen. 

I guess the point of this post is that I want to say thank you for every one of you who reads my waffle. For making my teenage dreams come true. You never ever know what is going to happen and you never know what is around the corner. 

Never ever give up your dreams. I’m so glad that one rainy day, I started my blog. I don’t know what I’d do without it.