How To Make Your Uni Room Look Like Something From Pinterest

photo: Ashley Ella Designs 

Ah it’s university time. It makes me feel a teeny tiny old that six years ago, I was one of the many freshers starting university. I cried for a whole two days because I was so homesick. Yep cool. 

However, one of the most exciting things about going to uni, was being able to decorate my room exactly how I wanted. It’s very exciting, and to be honest something that I still love about living away from home. I get very bored of things easily, so always love a bit of a house refresh. Recently, I have been obsessed with Pinterest, like so obsessed someone needs to surgically remove me from the app sometimes, which means I’m pretty much after a house like the ones on my board. *btw you can totally follow me right here y’know if that floats your boat*

My office is always trying to achieve pinterest status and well if you’re anything like me, you’ll want your uni room to be all dreamy and pinable right? *btw pinable is totally a word okay.* 

So here are a few selections of things that I would happily have in my uni room, in fact what I am eyeing up for my own office/bedroom now 🙂 happy shopping, and oh I apologise to your student loan/bank account in advance 🙂 

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Gold foil heart print *all the heart eye emojis* : Etsy Gold 2016 agenda for you to plan your life and get your shit together: Etsy 

Gold jar: for putting in funny things like kirby grips, cotton wool, etc.. : H&M 

Gossip Girl New York inspired print, seriously tempted to get this! Etsy 

Marble soap dispenser, because I couldn’t include nothing with marble on, I mean I am a blogger: H&M

Gossip Girl pencils: Lily Rose Co 

Gold coffee cup: Save some pennies and take your own coffee to lectures : Etsy 

Alphabet mug: Qtique Mugs 

Other things you should check out: 

Polaroids: print out your own pics and be all Tumblr like: Huggle Up (use my code CORRIE20 for 20% off till end of Sept!) 

Fairy lights – head to Primark 

Bedding – again hit up Primark for all that kinda thing. 

Pink watercolour ombre notepad- this is seriously cute: etsy 

Pink Tassel Garland – something I’ve seen a lot on Pinterest, hang it above your desk for a cool feature- Lily Rose Co 

Happy shopping/decorating 🙂