5 Things To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Blog

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We’ve all been there. You sit down at your computer/laptop ready to blog, and you open the screen up, and then nothing. You don’t know what to blog about. Or what you did want to blog about just won’t come out into words. You’re stuck, you end up procrastinating and before you know it, two hours has passed and you’re watching vlogs on YouTube.

It’s so frustrating when you run out of ideas for your blog, or even worse when you just don’t want to blog. You’ll do anything to avoid it, like pairing all the socks from the laundry, but you always feel guilty for the fact you haven’t blogged and why do we let ourselves feel this way? I would tell you, but I don’t know myself.

Recently this is how I’ve been feeling, and it’s ten times worse when you blog full time, but sometimes you have to just admit today is not a blogging day and that’s alright. But you have to snap back into action at some point and these are some things that I have been doing to make myself feel all inspired and motivated to blog again. If you feel like this too, don’t be too hard on yourself, we can’t all be blogging whizzes all the time.

Have a Break: Whenever blog posts just won’t materialise, I step away from my blog. Sometimes just for an hour, I’ll go have a tidy or do another job to take my mind off things. Other times it’s a day, or even a week. I sometimes think that sitting staring at a laptop willing for an amazing post to write itself just doesn’t work. It’s not healthy and usually nothing will happen. You always find you’re pressuring yourself too much, so having a break can help you to think of new ideas and take that pressure off. I’m going to be real right now when I say that the world won’t stop spinning if you take a break. Everyone won’t leave your blog, brands won’t stop coming to you with work, it’s normal and healthy to sometimes step away, don’t feel too guilty about it.

Have a Refresh: I’ve felt recently like my blog isn’t my blog. It just doesn’t fit me or what I want it to look like, so I decided to have  a blog redesign. A freshen up, and add in some new elements. I wanted it to be different, and not like anyone else’s out there and having a fresh new look always inspires me to create some new content. Whilst I’ve still not decided on my exact new look for my blog, even just planning it is making me excited. You can change things up, introduce new subjects, try different photography styles, it’s a great way for a fresh start for you and your blog.

Get Out Of The House: I always find that my best blog ideas come to me when I’m out and about. I usually spend time walking Frank as a good time to think of ideas, sometimes things will just pop out of nowhere and I quickly race to write them down before I forget. Sometimes just getting away from the internet and your blog can help things, go for a walk, sit in a coffee shop, even just have a long bath, usually when your mind is relaxed is when it pumps out some good ideas. I just find taking the pressure of your brain really helps, well it does for me anyways.

Take Inspiration : Places like Pinterest and Bloglovin, provide so much inspiration for me. I find that sometimes Pinterest can just show me a picture and I’m like ‘oooh that could be turned into a blog post!’ I have a secret blogging board where I pin photos I like, ideas and tips and tricks which help me, when I come to be slumped about blogging. I also find the popular pages on Bloglovin to be really helpful to see what is popular right now and what people enjoy. Please, please don’t rip off people’s ideas that is never cool, but see what is popular and think about how it can work for you and your blog.

Remember Why You Started: The next time that you feel like you never write anything good, or hate your blog or think ‘why isn’t it like so and so’s?’ Remember why you started blogging, what you wrote about back then, what you’ve always loved and look back at how far you’ve come. Stop comparing yourself, cause that is never ever healthy.

Blogging blocks are always temporary, they won’t last forever, and don’t stress out. Everyone gets like this sometimes, so go have a break and don’t stress yourself out 🙂 life’s too short to worry loads about your blog.