Back To School Inspired Fashion

Recently I’ve been going back to fashion choices that remind me of the ones that I wore when I was younger. Pinafores are a keen staple in my wardrobe right now, and I definitely remember seeing photos of me as a child wearing the same kinda thing… who’d of thought that  twenty years fast forward, I’d still be wearing them. It got me thinking about all my favourite fashion trends as I was growing up and if they’ll ever come back around. In school, I was obsessed with colour; neon vests, bright pink beads and blue eyeshadow. Hmm lets hope that never comes back round again.

Then college was all about denim skirts, boots and hoodies. I again am not sure what that was all about. It was also when I went through my very pale lipstick phase, one of my friends told me it looked like I had ‘frostbite’ on my lips. Charming.

Then we move onto my university fashion. I was a big fan of shorts and tights, blazers, vests, and loads of fake tan. Like seriously loads. I always find it funny looking back on old photos and thinking just what would I wear now if I was starting university for the first time.

So I think for now, that hopefully pinafores are the only thing from my growing up wardrobe that I am digging again. My most recent pinafore purchase is from ASOS, it’s petite and  black denim which is perfect for A/W. Paired with long sleeve tops, tights and boots, it’s the perfect daytime outfit that  also looks really put together… well I think so anyways.

Top: ASOS*

Pinafore: ASOS*

Boots: ZARA 

Tights: Primark 

I love pairing pinafores with long sleeve, high neck tops. Especially stripes, I loved this striped jumper from ASOS also and loved the tan elbow patches as it kind of makes me feel like a teddy bear and a geography teacher all at the same time. I definitely feel like I’m going back to school in this outfit haha.

When I think back to me starting university, it was a bit of a tough time to be practical and stylish, right now things like trainers and backpacks are all within the latest trends. Which I’m kind of jealous about cause 18 year old me went to uni with a Jane Norman bag stuffed with files, and in ballet pumps that made my feet basically blue with cold!

It’s weird looking back to see how far you’ve come in a few years, it’s mental to think that six years ago I hadn’t even started my blog yet, funny how things can change!

Anyways, that’s enough of reminiscing for now, tell me in the comments your biggest fashion disaster as a student? My crimes were too much blusher, too much fake tan and definitely wearing hoodies with denim skirts. Oh dear…..

*Post in collaboration with ASOS