The Best Things About Autumn.

I am so glad that Autumn is here. I never thought I would say this, but Autumn is probably my favourite season now. I’m a bit of a home bird, and it’s just so cosy and snuggly, that I can’t help but indulge in nights in at home. Of course, there are more things to Autumn, and as I write this, the rain is hammering on the window, I’ve got the lamp on and Frank is snuggled into my lap. I do not missing sitting us both by a fan in an attempt to cool us down… so here we have a few fave things about Autumn. Now where’s that Pumpkin Spiced Latte * nah I’m just kidding, I’ve never tried one* 

  • Cosy, snuggly duvet days. When the rain is hammering down, you can’t help but not feel guilty to stay in and lounge all day. Grab your duvet and Netflix and stay put all day. 
  • All the hot drinks. Lattes, Hot chocolates, chai tea’s…. in fact it almost doesn’t make me miss iced coffee’s. 
  • You’re able to walk places without getting all clammy and sweaty. 
  • You don’t have to worry about your make up melting off your face. 
  • Extra deodorant isn’t an essential in your handbag anymore. 
  • A/W clothes- jackets, jeans, boots, tights, high neck tops, scarves, coats, hats- I need I go on? 
  • Candles. All the candles. 
  • Comfort food, cause eating a salad in the cooler weather is almost a crime. 
  • Cosy night in TV- Bake Off, X Factor, etc… also saves you money too. 
  • Halloween. Just Halloween. 
  • Going for Autumnal walks, the colours of the leaves, stamping on acorns, picking up conkers- yes I am still 5. 
  • Dark nail colours berry, navy, greige… hmmm mmm 
  • Berry coloured lipstick. Every year I try to pull it off.. every year I fail. 
  • The fact that it’s almost Christmas – WHICH IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. YES. 

Of course not all of Autumn is all smiles, lets talk colder weather, darker nights and windy days, of course but it’s just so snuggly!!! 

What’s your favourite things about Autumn?