The New L’Orèal Paris App That You Have To Try.

One of my earliest memories when it comes to make up, was my half birthday when I was 12. Yes that’s right, my sister and I had half birthdays (I won’t lie they’ve only recently stopped HAHA) anyways, for my 12.5th year of being alive, my Mum said I could have £20 to spend in a drugstore, on my first few bits of make up. It was like a dream, and I picked up all the essentials that a 12/13 year old girl wants – mascara, concealer and of course all the baby pink lip gloss. 

Fast forward a fair few years, and I still love walking round the makeup aisles of drugstores, I love that you can pick new products up without breaking the bank and one of my favourite stands to always browse at, is L’Orèal Paris– with their luxurious packaging, I always loved buying their items as I always thought they looked so fancy in my make up bag. 

I tend to not be as experimental with my make up as I did when I was younger, I mean I went through phases of blue eyeliner (always on the bottom lash line), purple smokey eyes, and then there was the frosted bronze lipstick phase. Ah memories. These days, I stick to what I know, which is usually a smokey eye and nude lipstick. I try to not go too much out of my comfort zone but then I realised the other day, with Autumn now here, why not switch things up?

I was mainly inspired by an app that I download recently, the MakeUp Genius App from L’Orèal Paris, which is an interactive make up app where you can try on looks and products before buying to see what they will look like. I was honestly so impressed by how good this app is, basically there is a menu of looks to choose from which vary from different L’Orèal Paris ambassadors- think Cheryl, Blake, Eva and then you can have their looks put on to your face to see how it looks. I think I said ‘oh my god’ when I first used it, as it just looks so real! It actually puts the make up on your face in real time. 

After having a good play on the app, I decided that my favourite look was the Karlie Kloss look from Cannes 2015. Now we can all agree that Karlie is a bit of a babe right? I fell in love with her glowy bronzey look with a cat eye and a nude lip. I thought it was a bit of a twist on my usual look, and well I kind of just wanted to be Karlie.

The three products that were used on Karlie were the Glam Bronze bronzer*, which consists of a matte toffee bronzer and highlighter, (little fact of the day for you- the L’Orèal Paris brunette bronzer was my first ever bronzer, I would always spill the balls on the carpet and my mum would shout at me haha) – then we have one of my favourite ever products the Superliner Perfect Slim liner, which I am sure you have heard me talk about a million times before and finally the Infallible Lip Gloss in Cream 103 Protest Queen.

Paired with a few of my other favourite L’Orèal Paris products, I re created Karlie’s look and used the Glam Bronze to create a subtle contour and applied the highlighter to my cheekbones to attempt Karlie’s glowy sun kissed look. I kept the eyeshadow quite simple and went for a dramatic cat eye flick which I achieved with a piece of paper and the pen of the Superliner really helped me to keep it accurate. Then finally, a nude glossy lip which is a twist on mu usual nude matte lip. The look is very simple, and feels completely different to my normal look but I like it and think it’s good to try different things out, oh and also finally master winged eyeliner. 

I think from looking on the app MakeUp Genius, next on my list to re create is one of Cheryl’s looks which seems perfect for Autumn! I’m obsessed though and can’t stop playing! 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried the app yet, or which make up look would you like to create at the moment? 

Check the app out here!

* Sponsored Post but all opinions are my own, and I genuinely can’t stop playing with the Make Up Genuis app!