The Shoes That Changed Me.

Slightly dramatic post title there but hear me out. Back when I finished school, which scarily was quite a long time ago now, I made a vow to never wear trainers again. I don’t know why, but I guess, I was just haunted by rainy cold afternoons playing hockey in P.E and the fateful day when a hockey ball hit me in the eye. (Not gonna lie, I thought I’d lost my eye.) With these memories behind me, I knew I wouldn’t be wearing trainers anytime soon, and that was that.

I stuck to my vow for years, which meant over the next few years things like going to theme parks, going to Centre Parcs was extremely hard as I never had suitable footwear. I was always stuck what to wear on casual days, and sometimes just sometimes I would wish that I had some trainers. Anyway, lets fast forward to 2014, my holiday to Florida was upcoming and I realised that walking round all those Disney parks would be pretty mega and I needed good footwear. I decided to bite the bullet and get some Converse.


Jacket: Warehouse (similar)

Jeans: Boohoo

Top (same as in top above) : H&M  (not online but may be in stores) 

Shoes: Converse *

I thought these was the less scary of pump/trainer footwear, I knew I could hopefully wear them with a lot of different outfits, they were still girly and hopefully comfy too. I started to wear them and felt a bit weird at first, but the whole holiday my feet didn’t ache and I liked them with every outfit I wore. I was hooked.

Fast forward a good year later and I’m on my second pair of Converse, and now have quite a growing trainer collection. I’ve realised that you can in fact wear trainers and pumps and still be fashionable. In fact most of the girls on Pinterest wear things with trainers and pumps which you know, if it’s good enough for Pinterest, it’s good enough for me.

I hate being uncomfortable and for me, Converse are perfect. I walk Frank in them every day, I wear them when I’m out and about, in fact you usually have to try and make me not wear them. I love the feeling of having a fresh new white pair, I’ve been wearing them with ripped blue jeans and my leather jacket, and of course trying to keep them as pristine for as long as I can.

The whole point of this post, and yes I promise there was one, is that if you are worried about trying something different footwear wise, I feel that Converse are a good start. Before you know it, you’ll be drooling over the trainer section rather than the heels, and I know right, who’d of thought it.

Sometimes all it takes is one item in your wardrobe to re evaluate your wardrobe choices and make you try new things, and for me that was my Converse. My feet are definitely thankful that’s for sure.