Things I’ve Learnt In Five Years Of Blogging

Back on this day, five years ago, I posted my first couple of blog posts. I don’t know why I chose this date, I guess it was just the day that I got some nerve and hit publish. My first posts were about meeting Cheryl, and a new nail varnish from Barry M. Standard Corrie.

To be honest, I didn’t imagine that I’d be blogging five months later, never mind five years later. It’s been a funny old journey, that has taken me to some very unexpected places, and my blog has definitely help to shape me as a person *pass the sick bucket soz*

But without being too much of a cringe bag, I wanted to look back on my five years of blogging and what I’ve learnt. I feel like five years is quite a big milestone for me and I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with something for so long.

It’s Okay To Be Yourself: The beauty of blogs is that every single one is unique and different. Growing up, I never really found anyone else like me, no one else loved make up as much, or cared about Heat magazine or fashion, and it sometimes made me wonder if I was a bit of a weirdo. Turns out I’m not, okay well it’s debatable, but blogging has made me realise that everyone is different and that is totally okay. In fact, it’s so much better to be yourself than rather pretend to be someone else. Be you, use your own voice, that is what people will love you for.

You Never Know What’s Round The Corner: I’ve always been a firm believer of making the most of now, as you never know what is round the corner. Life is short, we should enjoy things in case we don’t get a tomorrow or next year *cheery.* But back when I started blogging that was 2010, and back then no one really knew what a blog was. You had to think of the easiest explanation and now let’s fast forward, everyone has a blog! Bloggers and vloggers hold more influence than mainstream celebrities such as actors and pop stars. No one knew that blogging would turn out this way. Growing up, I never knew what my dream job was or what I was good at. Then I started blogging and this road carved it’s way for itself. Sometimes things turn out the way you weren’t expecting and who knew when I sat down on Henry’s laptop five years ago, that this is where it would take me?

Don’t Compare Yourself: There’s a lot more blogs these days than there back in 2010. I officially sound like a grandma, but no seriously, these days there’s a lot more pressure for blogging. You have to have proper fancy styled pics, and amazing writing. None of this taking photos on a tea towel on a blackberry which I did, oh what was I like. It’s now very easy to look at other bloggers and think ‘why aren’t I doing as well as X?’ ‘Why doesn’t my blog look as good?’ But it’s so unhealthy, in fact I am planning a complete post on comparing yourself, but seriously, just do you. Don’t worry about anyone else, you are doing a great job.

It’s No Crime To Wear Make Up: Make up has always fascinated me. At school, I’d sneak my Mum’s brown eyeliner on and hope no one noticed. The teachers always did. But make up was always labelled as shallow and if you liked make up you were vain or un confident. The thing is, that blogging has taught me that you can have an interest in make up. I love putting on make up cause it fascinates me, I love picking out new colours, and trying different things out. It doesn’t make me any less of a person, it doesn’t affect my personality or make me un natural or anything like that at all. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like that.

Don’t Give Up: Blogging hasn’t always been an easy ride, even now I sometimes struggle with thinking of ideas or when I’m comparing myself. But something to believe is to never give up. If you enjoy something and it brings you happiness, don’t give it up. Always make time for the things and people who make you happy in life, and although it does push me sometimes, my blog is one of those things. I am so so glad that I didn’t give up blogging when things got busy, or when I couldn’t think of a good idea. I don’t know where I would be without blogging, but I know that over the past five years it has helped me grow up, gain confidence, allow me to meet great friends and give me opportunities I never imagined I would have.

So to this little blog, thanks for always keeping me company. Thank you for reading my waffle over the past five years, here’s to the next five 🙂