Why It’s Good To Have A Break From The Internet.

I love the internet. I really do. I mean what would we do without it? I know for one that I wouldn’t be in this job right now, but how else would I shop in my pjs and a face mask on? I mean the last time I did that in Topshop, a child screamed. How would I know where I’d seen the Mum in a film that I was watching without IMDb? I would just sit there, pondering and probably driving myself mad thinking about it and then not actually enjoy the film.

I know, I know, what we would do without the internet.

Funny thing is, is that I do actually remember when we didn’t depend on the internet. Growing up, if i wanted to know something, I was told to look in the encyclopedia. If I wanted to call somewhere up, I had to look in the Yellow Pages, and how did I talk to my friends after school? Well after I was 13, I was allowed a 1 hour slot on MSN from 8-9pm, well tbh it was 58 minutes, then I had to disconnect so my Mum could use the phone again.

So it’s kind of weird that these days, I’m pretty much on the internet 24/7.

Social media pretty much rules my life. I’ve noticed since working on the internet which I’ve been doing since February 2014, I find it incredibly hard to switch off, and I find myself getting consumed by the big old wide web.

Recently, I found myself getting a bit too obsessed with the internet. I started to forget there was a life outside the internet. I was getting stressed over really stupid things, like when I didn’t have anything to Instagram. Or I hadn’t checked twitter for 20 minutes because what if I’d missed something groundbreaking?

It wasn’t till I went for dinner with friends when I realised that not everyone lives their life on the internet. I was explaining how blogging works, when I realised, do you know what? There’s a huge percentage of people out there who really do not give a shit about how many Instagram followers you have.

They don’t know what a sponsored post is, or how blogging works. Some people don’t even know who famous youtubers are for crying out loud.

I realised I needed to take a step back. There’s a real world out there and you know what, it ain’t healthy to spend 24/7 online. We see this warped image of reality online. The edited instagrams, the beautiful blog photos, the witty tweets. We start to think life IS really like that. But it’s not is it?

I know for sure that I don’t show the shit sides of life on social media. Do I post the selfie when I have 847347374678 spots and eye bags that resemble a panda’s face? No of course I don’t.

I don’t upload the pics of my messy lasagne’s, or tweet when I’m having a stupid worry about neighbours, or my taxes. Nope, and I bet you don’t either.

The internet can sometimes feel very overwhelming, and sometimes I think that all you need is a break. Spend some time with your nearest and dearest. As much as it’s lovely to speak to people online who celebrate you and your work, remember who matters the most. Oh and don’t even get me started about the people who don’t even know you, but think it’s alright to judge you or throw shade at you.

Now I’m not bashing the internet. I still bloody love it and rely on it.

But from now on, I don’t want to be so wrapped up in it.

Even if its just one hour a day, shut down the internet and put your phone away. Look up for once, talk to someone, I promise that your emails and notifications can wait.

The internet is a funny old place, one I love, but I can’t help but sometimes miss those days when I would spend 8-9pm only on MSN messenger.