Winter Coat Edit

Winter is coming. Well, without sounding too much like a Games of Thrones character, but really, the weather is getting cooler and that means it is time to dig out the old winter coats. Over the past couple of years, I have struggled when shopping for my winter coat. Being very petite on the top means that a lot of winter coats can make me look like I’m dressing in my Dad’s wardrobe. Which is not really the look I am going for. 

This year though, I was determined to find a winter coat, which 1. actually fitted and 2. looked good. Thankfully, I managed to find one and all thanks to Zara. But before we get to that, let’s talk winter coat trends 2015. 

So what exactly should we be looking for this A/W? Okay well, from doing a bit of research, it seems that coat trends such as Military, Full Length, White, Tweed and a Touch of Fur are dominating catwalks and shops on the high street. A complete mixture, but every trend is very easy to work into the rest of your winter wardrobe. Whilst I was out shopping for my winter coat, (‘cos you can never be too prepared when it comes to coats and the British weather) I noticed a huge range of coats in all trends. River Island was one of my first stops which definitely housed a lot of jackets which fitted into the ‘touch of fur’ category. Ranging from biker jackets with faux fur trims, to this relaxed oversized khaki blazer which I tried on, it’s a great way to ‘winter’ up your outfit. I loved this blazer look as I felt you could wear it casual with jeans and a tee, but also dress it up too. 

I also fell in love with this white coat with again a fur trim (I told you River Island was loving the faux fur this season.) A mid-length coat with a black trim and offset with a furry collar. I felt like some sort of ice princess in this coat, but unfortunately practicality set in when I realised how would I ever wear this when I have a messy Labradoodle around? 

I also tried H&M for coats, who mainly seemed to focus on the Military trend – khaki colours and combat prints seemed to dominate the trend selection, which I love btw – such good value! I loved the look of the khaki jackets with black jeans and chunky boots. Perfect for being warm and stylish. 

New Look had a great selection of longer length coats, I even found one in their petite section which sadly wasn’t in my size. But I found a lot of longer length coats which I felt would even suit me at 5ft2. New Look is killing it at the moment, the whole store is full of dreamy A/W15 picks – rust/camel tones which would look perfect with a neutral long length coat. You’ll be looking like one of those gals from Pinterest in no time 😉 

I did notice that Jack Wills is probably the best place to head if you are looking for a tweed jacket this A/W, although this isn’t my cup of tea, they had some lovely tweed blazers which would be perfect for teaming with jeans and boots. But for me I was looking for something a bit more versatile. 

For me, military is probably one of my favoured coat trends. I found that Zara had a perfect mixture of coats that fitted and didn’t make me look too much like I was dressing in my dad’s wardrobe. Phew. I love Zara’s A/W range as I feel it’s different to other high street stores, but isn’t too expensive either. I also find, if, like me, you are quite petite on the top, you will find the sizing to be pretty perfect as well. 

Whilst shopping and looking for the dreamy coat of A/W15, I used the WestQuay PLUS app available on iTunes or Google Play to navigate around the centre, to see what offers were available to me. I visit WestQuay quite a lot, but I always find it handy to see if there are any offers around that I may have missed.  Of course Zara is one of the few places that don’t offer discounts, but when you find your perfect coat, you don’t mind too much. I was going to treat myself to some lunch, but after my coat being a bit of a big purchase, I resisted. But I was seriously tempted by some of the discounts on the app for dining at WestQuay. (I do love my food!) 

Also a little side note, have I mentioned that Victoria’s Secret is coming to WestQuay this autumn? OMG amazing. Goodbye money. 

Coat: Zara

As predicted. I found a coat that was definitely steering towards the military trend, to be honest, I spotted this coat in the window of Zara a few week’s back. I made a mental note of *beautiful coat in Zara window, return after pay day* and thankfully I grabbed the last one in my size. Mwahaha.  After gloating to myself, I then practically ran to the till. I did get a funny look from the cashier mind you. With gold buttons, and a navy felt fabric, it will be perfect for wearing with all outfits such as jeans but also dressed up with dresses and skirts too. I feel almost like Kate Middleton in it. *Almost* 

I am so pleased with my new coat, and also enjoyed having a bit of time to browse all the A/W trends at WestQuay, I have decided that most of my winter wardrobe will be high beck tops, a-line skirts, tights and boots. Bring on autumn! 

What coat trend will you be rocking this A/W?

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