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Hello! I like doing chatty informal posts from time to time, though let’s be honest are any of my blogs that formal… erm nah. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about some random favourites of mine at the moment, I wanted to get this out of the way (in the nicest way possible) before December arrives because I won’t lie, the whole of December on my blog and YouTube will be very Christmas fied so you’ve been warned!

Pinterest– I have to give a shout out to my fave Pinterest first, the app that makes me excited to move house to decorate and is always giving me inspiration. I have been pinning like a mad woman for decor ideas, and Christmas ideas and tbh I have provably spent way too much time doing this! I don’t know what it is, but I could spend hours on there and if you aren’t totally obsessed with Pinterest, you have to give it a go! I do laugh at the fact that up until a few months ago, that I used to say Pinterest as Pin-interest.

Lifestyle, Favourites, Flowers, Recent Favourites, Style, Make Up, Bloom and Wild, send flowers online

Although these flowers were from back in the summer, these have been my favourite Bloom & Wild bouquet. 

Bloom & Wild Flowers: I do feel like 2015 has been the year that I have started to appreciate things like fresh flowers in the house, and an open window from time to time. Something that teenage me never really got, so I am officially getting older it has been decided. Bloom & Wild, are an online flower company who deliver flowers to your door in a post friendly fashion. Their affordable, are nice and make the perfect present. They also do a subscription service where you can choose different subscriptions from weekly, monthly, fortnightly which what I have, and you can choose for a period of time too. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought this would be a lovely present for someone who maybe loves fresh flowers, and it’s a little different too. The flowers are always nice, and last a couple of weeks, and I even have a discount code of 15% for you too! Use the codCORRIEBLOOMS for 15% off 🙂 Btw this totally was not sponsored or anything like that at all, I just really like the flowers and the concept 🙂 

Christmas 24: With December just around the corner, I have been getting in well into Christmas mode. I have been since October really, but as soon as November 1st rolled round, I was like ‘where is my Santa hat?’ Anyway, I do love a Christmas film, but I’ve been trying to save my favourites for December, so I’ve been turning to TV movies instead. That’s when I found channel Christmas 24. It’s a TV channel on Sky, BT & Virgin which shows Christmas TV movies all day throughout November and December. You’ll either love or hate the movies, I love them, and Henry hates them. They’re very cheesy, a bit naff, but they give you a warm fuzzy feeling, and I love having a cosy afternoon watching them! 

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Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation: I want to give a quick little mention to my fave foundation the moment which is Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder foundation, it’s been in my collection for a few months now but it’s only just seeming to grab my attention. I’ve been trying different foundations recently, from Nars to Bourjois, but they don’t seem to do as good a job. Although the CT foundation is pretty pricey, and the coverage isn’t amazing, it blends in amazing, has a vast shade of colours and looks pretty flawless. I am very impressed but am now wondering about her latest foundation release which I’ve heard is more full coverage, let me know if you’ve tried it!

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Adidas Superstars: I never thought I’d get as excited about trainers as I have been about these Adidas Superstars. I swear I had a pink pair of these back in the day when I was about 13 and wore them for PE and now it seems that in true style they have come back round into fashion. As I’ve gotten older, I seem to appreciate being comfy so much more, and wearing trainers mean I can be out all day without collapsing with sore feet. I got mine from ASOS after spying a 15% code online, I’d been resisting for ages then thought I could wait till Christmas but yeah I couldn’t. They’re really comfy and I’ve been wearing them with black jeans a lot!

Busted: Finally, I just have to talk about the fact that my favourite childhood band Busted have re united. Like omg, who ever thought this day would come? Not me that’s for sure, I could have sworn that Charlie was gone forever. Anyway, he’s back and they’re reuniting and I’m genuinely so excited about the whole thing. Henry keeps laughing at me, but I dunno, they were my favourite band growing up and I was obsessed with them, so it’s kind of a big deal they’re back together. I got tickets for them in Birmingham next year, and it was a very stressful experience but I am so excited and will now listen to the back catalogue of their hits till May next year now haha. Any other fellow Busted fangirls out there?

So that’s the things that have been floating my boat recently, I am probably now going to get back to planning all my Christmas blog posts, so if you have any suggestions for anything you’d like to see in December give me a shout as I’d love to know!