Life Update…

Hello! (it’s me….I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist) Anyway, hopefully you have noticed that things are a little different on here. I’ve had a bit of a blog revamp, which thankfully is all sorted now. I have been looking for something that I liked for a good few weeks, and then after a pretty stressful 48 hours, installing it all myself and trying to import all my comments, we are here.

I am very picky, and tbh don’t think I’ll ever look at my blog and be like ‘you know what? This looks ruddy good.’ So I’m still kind of picking everything apart, but I am sure that I will settle down soon and a fresh look is what I needed.

So what’s new with you?

November is here which is a little scary, at the end of this month we are moving house, we’re actually moving back to our hometown which is three hours away from our current house. Bit of a big move, but lots of changes on the horizon and fingers crossed we’ll actually be able to afford something soon that has a kitchen big enough to fit more than one person in. We’re going to be moving into a rented family house for the next six months before finding somewhere else to live for a bit longer. I’m excited though, as it’s about twice the size of what we’re in right now, and I’m very excited to have space and a nice squishy sofa. Which I will not be getting off for the duration of the Christmas break.

So yes, that’s very exciting but also a bit scary. It’s the unknown of being back home, will we go stir crazy, will I regret the fact it’s further away from London? I guess we don’t know yet, but sometimes you have to try these things. Living in a place where you just have friends who are very busy people means that life can get lonely. I’m all about quality of living and feel having a home that you are happy in is very important so I am extremely excited about having some more space.

After we’ve moved in comes the excitement of Christmas, I’m already planning where the tree is going to go, and mentally planning where all the fairy lights will be placed. Because we’re going to be moving and decorating, I’ll be doing Vlogmas again this year. I feel that fingers crossed, it’ll be a bit more interesting than last years and I”m roping Henry in to taking part too. I have lots of Christmas content planned though and I’m overexcited to start filming and cracking on with it!

For the time being, I have been struggling with motivation and inspiration, I don’t want to sound like a pity party but sometimes you have a bit of a brain slump and I feel so un inspired by my content. I cant bring myself to make videos and I don’t know why. I feel like in a way, I’m not getting anywhere and I think to myself ‘why aren’t people subscribing?’ ‘why are people disliking a video?’ I’m getting frustrated about spending hours on videos that no one watches or dislikes, like it’s really disheartening. I’ve decided to take a step back which may to some people seem like the wrong thing to do, or lazy, but I just don’t want to make videos when I don’t feel excited. I know that things will get better cause I”m excited for vlogmas, and Christmas videos,  but right now I’m at a slump. But that’s okay. A lot of bloggers get stick for saying stuff like this cause you know bloggers do nothing all day. I get that blogging isn’t a hard job, I think back to my days in retail where I was on my feet for ten hours with only a half an hour break, and having to deal with rubbish pay and rude customers. I get it, but please remember that just because someone is a blogger or youtuber they aren’t a human being. We all have feelings and moods, and sometimes need a break and that’s okay.

I’m not moaning btw, I’m just telling you how it is, not that I am sure that anyone has noticed but if you have that is why. But I do have some exciting stuff planned so that’s what I’m focusing on.

There’s not much else going on right now, I’m trying to get us organised and packed before we get into stressy mode for moving, so far I’ve already packed up stuff that I then needed so that was a bit of a fail! I’m going to try to dedicate the next few weekends to packing and organising and then once we get to moving day, we’ll be really organised and I’ll be super smug. But I can see this being   easier said than done haha. Any moving tips would be much appreciated in the comments!

Anyway, I’m going to go now and try get all my November posts planned so that things don’t totally fall on their arse whilst I’m moving across the country. Hope you’re all having a good November, have you started listening to Christmas songs yet? No… okay just me…