The Best Things To Do At The Weekend

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Happy Saturday! Ah I do love the weekend, it’s two days of the week that I give myself a break, and put my laptop down. I enjoy switching off the alarm, and just relaxing. I thought I’d compile a post about what I love doing at the weekend, and well if you’re stuck for ideas for the next two days, hopefully here is some inspiration.

  • Have a clear out- your wardrobe, make up, kitchen cupboards, desktop, you always feel so much better after trust me. 
  • Have a pamper; paint nails, have a bath, hair mask, fake tan, I always feel like a silky dolphin, or a new woman, y’know. 
  • Watch your favourite film, I’m all abut the Christmas films at the moment. 
  • Blog. 
  • Have a break from blogging, whichever I’m kind of feeling. 
  • Making plans with my friends, going for a coffee, walk or a drink, sometimes it makes me feel a 100x better catching up about the week. This weekend Saturday night will be dedicated to Nando’s, my friends, and wine. OH YES. 
  • However, I also do enjoy sitting with Netflix and a blanket. 
  • Spending hours on Pinterest- planning Christmas decorations, home decor and Winter styling are my recent obsessions. 
  • Having a good tidy: in the week,  I don’t really have time to catch up with cleaning, so I like to do a big clean at the weekend to make myself feel better and well make the house look a lot better too. Come at me bleach.
  • Going for a long walk, in the week, I sometimes rush my walks with Frank cause there’s always something that needs doing, but at the weekend, I throw my phone in my pocket and take my time. I like to let Frank have a run around, and of course take a few photos of the leaves for instagram cause I’m basic like that. 
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. 

What’s your favourite thing to do at the weekend?