I kind of wanted to think of a deep, philosophical title for this post, but to be honest, my brain is in a post Christmas slump full of Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Toblerone. But 2015 ends tomorrow, I mean how weird is that? I feel it was literally 5 minutes ago that it was 2014 and I was trying to think of all my resolutions of 2015 and now it’s all over! So what have I learnt? Well first of all, I’m not going to do resolutions for 2016. Instead, I’m going to try and focus on leaving it to what happens, happens, instead of fixating on a list of things that may or may not happen, and then beating myself up when they don’t.

2015 is a year I can look back on and think ‘yeah that was a good year.’ I feel very lucky for that and hope this will continue into 2016, as after all you and your family being happy and healthy are ultimately the most important things. I wanted to sit down and just write about what happened this year, if not only for myself to look back on. You see that’s the good thing of having a blog, it’s like having your teenage diary again but a little less embarrassing and no declaring your love for the boy in the year above at school.

The Highlights: 

Getting Engaged: I think my top highlight of 2015 has to be getting engaged back in August. I still can’t believe it’s real or it really happened. If you don’t know what happened you can watch my vlog here (cheeky self promo) but seriously go watch it and just appreciate the planning that Henry did. In a nutshell, if you haven’t heard me bleat on about it before that is; in February my Mum told me we’d won a competition to go to NYC for a week in August. I was so excited and of course believed it cause why wouldn’t i? The weeks, months passed and before I knew it, it was time to go. My mum mentioned on the plane over that we had to meet a photographer at Brooklyn Bridge Park to have a photo cause we’d won the competition. I was like ‘okay cool, but why Brooklyn bridge park?’ We got to NYC safely and little did I know that Henry and my sister were on a flight just half an hour behind us. My Mum said she worried on the flight over about things such as ‘what if one of the planes go down?’

 Our plane had been delayed slightly, meaning that Henry and my sister had to hide round the corner from us at the airport till we had gone through customs. Henry had worried they were going to get arrested for loitering in a corridor at JFK. We spent our first night in Times Square, and I was still unaware that Henry was just a few floors above me at the hotel. The next morning, he’d text me saying that he’d sent something to the hotel for me, and to wait in till I’d got it. I thought ‘was it flowers?’ My Mum thought it was a limo as that day Henry had planned a treasure hunt for me over NYC. I was just a bit bloody confused. Then the door knocked and it was my sister. I was told she’d flown in that morning and been dropped off at the airport by my Dad. My Mum acted concerned that she’d flown that way by herself, and I text Henry to say thank you and how I wished he was here too.

We spent the day doing the treasure hunt and visited places like where Blair & Chuck got married in Gossip Girl, and the lake from Stuart Little. Then that evening, we got ready to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park. We took our cameras, we had the spot where we were supposed to meet Joe ‘The Photographer’ and we took the subway. 30 minutes later, we’d arrived, every corner we turned showed a new amazing view. We could see all of the financial district, the statue of liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the sun was setting. Now I realised why they wanted the photo here. We were waiting for Joe and I noticed my Mum and sister were being a bit tetchy. I thought something was weird but didn’t know what.

We then sat down on a bench where my sister gave me a card, it was from Henry as our 6 year anniversary was the next day. He’d wrote this lovely message to me which ended with ‘there’s one more thing I’d like to say but I want to do this in person’ I looked up and was like ‘what is going on?’ I re read it again, and then Henry appeared round the corner ( I mean what was next? Frank too?) and i noticed he had this box in his hand with a sparkly ring. ‘Surely not I’m thinking?’ He then got down on one knee and I think I said ‘are you joking?’ I was so overwhelmed with him being there and then proposing, we were supposed to have been waiting to buy a house first!

I of course said yes and then it was all revealed that Henry had planned the whole thing. There was no competition, it had been a finely tuned operation since January. He’d been in a Whatsapp group with my friends and discussed rings. Everyone was in on it apart from me. I still cant believe this all happened, it’s like it was a film or something not my life. This week we have started wedding planning, which is pretty exciting. I’ve been emailing venues and food places cause you know priorities, but don’t worry I’ll be doing lots of wedding planning content too as we go along! But yes as you can imagine a definite highlight of this year. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a thoughtful fiancĂ© who went to such a huge effort for me. I now feel that I will always have to try and get him incredible christmas and birthday presents now haha.

Going To Vegas: I went on a Trek America trip back in May to places such as Vegas, Nevada, Moab and Utah. It was a blogger trip that I’m still not sure how I managed to get on. I was so nervous about going, like literally so nervous. I was the person who grew up getting homesick at places next door to home. The amount of sleepovers that I came home from because I felt home sick was frankly a bit embarrassing. So spending ten days in America with ten strangers on my own seemed so daunting. Throw in camping (!) hiking, heights, helicopters, etc… it was something so out of my comfort zone. However it was honestly ten of the best days ever.

I had so much fun with everyone and will never forget that trip. I learnt a lot about myself and mostly realised that I am a lot more able to do stuff than I give myself credit for. I can do anything I put my mind to, and that was a great thing to learn. It made me realise that my blog/YouTube must be doing relatively okay because I got to go on this trip and it’s made me confident that I can do almost anything that’s thrown at me. I also realised that In N Out burgers are pretty good.

Upping My Video/Blog Game: Last Christmas I made myself watch tons of videos about how to edit on Final Cut Pro. I feel that in 2015, I have definitely upped my game with my editing for YouTube and this is what I want to continue. I want to try and change things up with my YouTube and hopefully will become proud of my channel this year. I’m going to take a little break from YouTube for a bit to work out what I want to do with it. Again with my blog, hopefully I’ve also been able to change things up here too. Again I want to continue doing this, but I feel very proud of my blog this year and hopefully I can keep making it better this next year too. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to survive a full year of full time blogging and managed to pay my rent and everything. I feel so proud of myself for working hard for myself, and hope I can continue this. I also have worked with some amazing brands this year, and it’s been very rewarding to do so. I have had to pinch myself at times when I have worked with household brands, my blog also turned five this year and I do not know what I’d do without it.

Meeting Cheryl: A bit of a funny one perhaps, but meeting Cheryl at her fragrance launch this year is a big highlight for me. I loved Cheryl back in the day, and five points to you if you’ve been reading my blog long enough to remember my obsession with her and my quest to dye my hair the same shade of red as hers. My first ever blog post was about how I met her at a book signing and then in a weird turn, five years later I’m meeting Cheryl at an exclusive launch because of my blog. It was a weird surreal moment and I had to pinch myself and think ‘I’m so glad that I started my blog.’ Someone wrote in the comments of my Cheryl vlog that ‘it was just Cheryl, and why was I so excited?’ It’s not about who it is, it’s about what it means to you and the fact that I felt I’d done this full circle. She was so nice btw, so perfect like a doll.

Some Things I’ve Learnt In 2015

  • You can’t please everyone. Like stop trying it just wont happen and that is okay. 
  • You have to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. 
  • You can do anything you put your mind to. 
  • You never ever know what is around the corner. 
  • Don’t worry about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. It may not happen and then you’ve wasted a shit load of time worrying. 
  • Everything is usually okay in the end. 
  • Usually with every mistake is a lesson learnt. 
  • Some people are just knobs. 
  • Trust your gut feeling, it’s usually right. 
  • You sometimes need a break from the internet. 
  • Not everything you see online is the real story. 
  • Comparing yourself really is the thief of joy. 
  • You are still never too old to fangirl over One Direction. 
  • And always treat people who you would want to be treated. 

I feel like I have had lots of lovely things happen this year, but these were the highlights. I’m excited for 2016 (can we just remember that 2015 was also the year that Busted with Charlie Simpson reformed and no Busted fan ever thought this would happen) and I’m excited to see what’s around the corner.

I also just want to end this extremely long winded post with a thank you. To you reading this post right now. I know that many of the incredible things that happen to me are because of my blog, and well these wouldn’t happen without all of your support for my blog and YouTube. I appreciate every single one of you who reads/watches and I probably don’t say that enough, but I do. I hope that in 2016, I can get my act back together and hopefully carry on writing somewhere where you can come and chill for a bit and feel like you’re talking to your mate about random stuff. Thanks for all your lovely comments/tweets/DMs/Messages and for spending time with me on here.

Also a shout out to my family and friends for always being supportive and a ear/whatsapp away for my many rants or ludicrous worries.

Now I am off, I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and here is to 2016, which I hope is a happy and healthy one for all of us and well if any of us meet Harry Styles along the way too, then y’know that wouldn’t go a miss either.